Clayton Cramer

Photo of Clayton Cramer
Faculty - Adjunct

Clayton completed his B.A. in History (Computer Science minor) in 1994 at Sonoma State University, in California, and his M.A. in History at Sonoma State University in 1998.  His specialty is American History, especially in the antebellum period.  His scholarly work on the Constitution has been cited in two U.S. Supreme Court decisions and many decisions of the lower courts.  (See if you are really curious.)  He prefers teaching U.S. History, but most semesters, he teaches Western Civilization. 

Clayton does astrophotography for a hobby, and manufactures telescope accessories that he ships world-wide His day job is software engineer for the Idaho Department of Correction, where he attempts to rehabilitate antisocial computer software so that it plays well with others.  Clayton's wife teaches English at College of Western Idaho.