Gift Makes Measurable Difference at CWI

Published: November 9, 2016

A gift without an official price tag is making a measurable difference at College of Western Idaho (CWI). Meridian-based Micro 100 Tool Corporation recently donated more than $16,000 worth of brand new tooling items to the College’s Machine Tool Technology program. The donation is giving students the opportunity to work with tools that are currently being used in the workforce.

“If we had to pay for (these tools), we simply could not afford it,” Dave Sperry, the Machine Tool Technology Program Chair, said. “Not only does this allow us to teach students using cutting-edge technology, it saves on their out-of-pocket costs as well.”

The 766 items, which were returned to Micro 100 by one of its overseas dealers, are metric sizes and could not be resold. It made perfect sense for the company to donate them so students—like Dan Thompson and Dennis Nunez—could benefit from their use.

“This donation reflects our desire to partner with our local education community and lets them know that this community needs a college like CWI,” Craig Graf, Micro 100’s Vice President of Manufacturing, said. “Thanks to our founder, Dale, our company supports education. If we don’t give back to our community, it’s not right to take.”

Micro 100 has an apprenticeship program that grooms CWI students to become employees. The program pays students while they work and go to school to complete a two-year degree at CWI. So far, the company has employed several CWI graduates.

“These students are our future employees,” Graf said. “We’re really excited about what’s going on here—creating employees and contributing to the economic growth of the valley.”

This is the third time Micro 100 has donated tools to the program. For more information about the College’s in-kind gift guidelines, please visit the CWI Foundation website.

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