In-Kind Gifts

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In-kind gifts are tangible personal property (art, collectibles, books, equipment, other personal assets, or materials) that can be used to advance CWI's mission.

In-kind gifts may be donated to the CWI Foundation during your lifetime or through a designation in your will. All in-kind gifts are reviewed, accepted, and officially acknowledged. Prior to acceptance, the gift is reviewed to see if it meets college needs. The CWI Foundation reserves the right to decline any gift that does not further CWI’s goals or involves special maintenance or other conditions it would be unable to satisfy. The donor is responsible for making arrangements to deliver the gift.

In-kind gift donations may qualify as a charitable deduction for the donor.

  • Guidelines for In-Kind Gifts

    • The donor(s) represents and warrants that he/she/they are the sole owner(s) of the property which has not been exported from its country of origin in violation of the laws of that country in effect at the time of the export nor imported into the United States in violation of the laws and treaties of the United States.
    • The CWI Foundation determines the gift can be used for its exempt purpose.
    • Issues of accession are discussed and agreed upon with the donor(s).
    • The donor(s) acknowledges that, in making this gift, it becomes the property of the CWI Foundation. If the gift is labeled for display or publication, it will be credited as identified on the Gift Acceptance form as agreed upon by the donor(s) and the College representative.
    • This gift may be used, as appropriate, for display and/or reproduced in CWI publications, press announcements and its website.  To the extent the gift is subject to intellectual property protection the donor(s) conveys all such rights to CWI.
    • Further, the gift may be used for research or examination, exhibited, stored, maintained, loaned and disposed of as determined by the CWI Foundation as successor owner.

    The donor(s) may be able to claim an income tax charitable contribution deduction for the full fair market value of the gift as determined by a qualified appraisal (to be obtained by the donor(s)).

Need More Info?

*Gifts made to the CWI Foundation are tax deductible (Tax ID# 27-1159705) to the full extent allowed by law. Consult your tax professional for advice on your personal tax situation.