CWI Foundation Announces 2016 Wishing Well Fund Awards

Published: November 4, 2016

Thanks to the generosity of College of Western Idaho (CWI) employees and supportive community partners, some programs and projects that enhance student learning have received an extra financial boost. The CWI Foundation recently awarded more than $6,000 to the recipients of this year’s Wishing Well Fund. Out of the 12 applications submitted for consideration, the following nine applications were approved for funding by the Foundation’s Scholarships and Grants Committee.

Visiting Artist Program (submitted by Goran Fazil) – $750 to help support CWI’s annual Visiting Artist Series.

New Manikins and Replacement Parts (submitted by Pam Hodges) – $1,500 to purchase new manikins and replacement parts for existing manikins that are used in the Workforce Development Nursing Assistant Program.

Poster Printing (submitted by Martha Timberlake) – $750 to help students cover the costs associated with producing posters for the CWI Connections Project.

Training Batons (submitted by Brett Reid) – $227.80 to purchase batons for Law Enforcement program students to use during training.

Jackets (submitted by Brett Reid) – $750 to purchase jackets for students in the Law Enforcement program.

Drums (submitted by Jeff Davis) – $470 to purchase a dozen drums for student and community use during music-making events.

Native Plant Garden Signs (submitted by Rebecca Flock) – $750 to purchase signs for the Native Plant Garden located at the Nampa Campus Academic Building.

Conference Fees for Students (submitted by Martha Timberlake) – $238 for two students to attend and present at the annual Idaho Psychological Association conference next spring.

Poster Printing (submitted by Karen Brown) – $613.10 to help students cover the cost of printing posters for the General Education Perspectives course.

The Wishing Well Fund was established to help purchase small items and support student learning opportunities that are not typically funded through department budgets. For more information or to sign up for employee payroll deduction, please contact the CWI Foundation office at 208.562.3100 or email

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