Empowering Lives with Math

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: April 19, 2019

Years at CWI: 9
Department: Mathematics
Education: Master and BS of Architecture, University of Utah; MS Math Education, Boise State University; BS Mathematics, Brigham Young University

“College of Western Idaho (CWI) empowers students to gain knowledge and skills that will help them be successful at work and in their lives,” said Paul Belue, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

After spending seven years working as a professional, Belue came to CWI in 2010 to do what he enjoyed most – teach. Initially hired as an adjunct instructor, he moved to a full-time position in January 2013.

“I didn't enjoy what I was doing in architecture, which was mainly sitting in front of a computer all day and drawing. I wanted to be learning more, working with people, and teaching.”

Belue teaches Mathematics at the College – a subject many students dread as they begin their college career.

“It is such a big part of our society and how it operates. By learning and understanding math, it can be used to richly enhance and better our lives.”

To support his students through the learning process, he breaks down concepts and provides them opportunities to learn from their mistakes.

“Paul is an exceptional math instructor,” said 2013 Liberal Arts graduate, Jessi Jensen. “He spent hours outside of class helping me understand math. He was so selfless. I got an A in math, and that had never happened in my entire life!”

Striving to inspire his students to want to learn math by explaining its relevancy to their work, family, and personal lives, Belue said he finds satisfaction in helping to prepare them for the future.

“Because of CWI, I have found meaningful work helping students learn and reach their goals.”

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