Advancing to the Next Level

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: March 29, 2019

Hometown:  Eagle, Idaho
Major:  HVAC Apprenticeship
Graduation:  2013

“College of Western Idaho (CWI) empowered me by giving me the required education and certifications needed to take my career to the next level,” said 2013 alumnus, Zac Barnes.

Zac had never planned on going to college, but quickly realized it was his best option.

“As I began my career in HVAC, the only way I was going to advance was to get my journeyman license, so I enrolled in CWI’s HVAC Apprenticeship program. At the time, CWI was the only school offering a full, four-year program registered by the state of Idaho.”

As a student, Zac appreciated the quality of instruction he received at CWI, specifically from his instructor, Chris Miller.

“Chris understood we had full-time jobs and was always flexible and fair with students who missed class because they were working late. He helped the more advanced students grow their skills and brought struggling students up to speed. I think he has produced some of the top HVAC talent not only in Idaho, but around the country.”

After sharing four years of experiences together in the program, Zac and his classmates had built lasting relationships with one another and had become very close.

“It’s fun seeing them around the valley working for other companies, catching up, and seeing where our careers have taken us.”

Zac graduated from CWI in 2013. He now serves as Vice President of Commercial Operations at Western Heating and Air in Boise, Idaho.

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