COVID-19 Operations Information, Updates & Resources

Campus Resources and Protocols

Campus Updates

  • Masks are optional
    • People may choose to mask at any time. CDC recommends people with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 must wear a mask. 

    • If you are immunocompromised, learn more about how to protect yourself.  

    • If you are in need of accommodations, please reach out:

  • The CDC strongly recommends getting vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are effective at helping protect against severe disease and death from variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 currently circulating, including the Delta variant. (CDC: Key things to know about COVID-19 vaccines).
  • Stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or have had a recent exposure. Get free at-home COVID-19 tests. Order free tests now so you have them when you need them.
  • Emergency Grant Funding

    The emergency grant application is now closed.

COVID-19 Test Kits and KN95 Masks Available for Students and Employees

The College is providing convenient, free, and voluntary access to a limited number of COVID-19 test kits. KN95 masks are also available at campus location security desks.

Get a COVID-19 Test Kit

For questions about CWI’s response to COVID-19, contact

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Remote Course Options

Students have choices for course delivery!

With these additional online and remote options, students now have the choice to select a style that best fits their learning style and life-style. These course delivery options empower students to have the flexibility to learn on their time, when and how it works best!

Choose between traditional and online/remote course offerings: 

  • In-Person
  • Online
  • Hybrid
  • Remote
  • Hyflex

Find the style that’s right for you!

Campus Safety Measures

For the safety of all please follow these updated protocols while on campus:

  • Wearing a mask is optional (as of March 14, 2022)
    • For those that choose to wear a mask, KN95 masks are available at building entrances.
    • CDC guidance on masks
  • Physical distancing is encouraged where appropriate.
  • Wash hands; hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout each campus location. 
  • Individuals are asked to stay home when experiencing any symptoms.
    • Before entering campus, please conduct a Self-Assessment, and stay home if you have any symptoms.
  • Students are asked to wipe down desks/work areas at the beginning of each class with provided wipes.
  • Disinfectant supplies will be utilized to sanitize common areas and heavily-used surfaces on campus.
  • Water fountains will be available for the time being, and personal water bottles are allowed.
  • Internal space requests (for meetings, etc.) will follow standard scheduling practices and align with campus safety measures. 
  • CWI is currently allowing external requests to be made for events.
    • Guidance for space requests will follow our standard event scheduling procedures, with the addition CWI's current Be Safe, Be Mighty protocols be followed while on campus.
    • To request use of space, email
  • College travel (out of area) is subject to review and approval by a supervisor.

Protocols are in effect immediately (or as stated) and until further notice and subject to change.

552 Student FAQs

Campus Operations

I heard that students are getting kits with a mask. How do I get mine? Continuing students will have access to PPE kits and masks at each building, CWI security desks will host these items.

What precautions are being taken during this time?
The Division of Facilities Planning and Management Operations Team are taking greater precautions with the threat of COVID-19. Current steps being taken in addition to regular cleaning routines.

Are events still taking place at CWI? 
Internal space requests (for meetings, etc.) will follow standard scheduling practices and align with campus safety measures.  

CWI is currently allowing external requests to be made for events.  

  • Guidance for space requests will follow our standard event scheduling procedures, with the addition CWI's current Be Safe, Be Mighty protocols be followed while on campus.  
  • To request use of space, email  

How will classes be taking place? We have five different styles of instruction delivery.  

Financial Aid

Where can I find the latest information regarding federal student aid? The latest updates are available from the Department of Education. Also visit CWI’s financial aid page for more information.  

Student Services

Are buildings open on campus?
Yes, please check the appropriate service page on the website for contact information.  

Is One Stop Student Services open?
Yes, please visit the website for hours and contact information. Virtual meetings are also available. You can connect with them via email or phone (208.562.3000).  

Is the CWI Library/Tutoring/Writing Center open?
Services are currently available online and by appointment. Please visit the appropriate website for more information.

Is the bookstore open?
The bookstore is open and is also available for online orders and will ship to you. If you have a State of Idaho voucher you will need to come in person. Visit the bookstore page for hours of operation, contact information, and to review book return policy.  

Is the Testing Center open?
The CWI Testing Centers are open, you must visit the Assessment & Testing Center page to find out more information about in-person testing.  

Support & Technology

I have never taken online classes before, where can I find more information? We understand students may be intimidated by online learning. CWI faculty and staff are committed to supporting you during this trying time. Many students will be in the same situation as you and may not prefer to take classes online or are going online for the first time. We have resources available to help make the transition to online easier.   

I am concerned about completing my school/work in addition to taking care of my kids and working with them. These are very real concerns. Consider enrolling in an online course.  If that is not an option, please connect with your individual instructors and your advisor about your concerns and tips for success. If you move online, check out our guide to going online.   

I don't have access to a computer or reliable internet access. What can I do? Concerns have been raised regarding internet and computer access for students who do not currently have one or both. Learn more about external technology resources available to students who do not currently have internet access or computers at home. CWI's Library has a number of laptops, web cams, and other technology available for checkout upon request. CWI Wi-Fi will remain available.   

For students wishing to use Financial Aid to purchase these necessities, contact the Financial Aid Office to request a review of your budget. 

Are any programs, apps, or software required for online coursework? Please review your syllabus or contact your instructor via CWI email and on Blackboard regarding their expectations on how coursework will be completed.   

Will a web camera be required for coursework? This is to be determined by each instructor. Please watch for updates from your instructor via CWI email and on Blackboard.   


What are the questions in the health self-assessment that I am supposed to ask myself before leaving the house to go to CWI?
We will always rely on community health experts for the most up-to-date assessment. Currently, we are asking all CWI community members to conduct a self-assessment prior to coming to any campus location.


Will there be events held this semester? Continue to check the event calendar; virtual events are being held and in-person events may be scheduled as the situation allows.  

Workforce Development

I am a Workforce Development student or I’m in an apprenticeship; what does this mean for me?
You should be receiving direct communication from your instructor, please check your CWI email. If you still have questions, please communicate directly with your instructor for clarification or contact or 208.562.2700.  

I utilize services through Adult  Education, what does this mean for me?
You should be receiving a call or email from your teacher. If you have questions you can call 208.562.2068 for Nampa Community Learning Center, or, 208.562.2575 for Boise Community Learning Center.  

I utilize services through English as Second Language/ESL, what does this mean for me?
You should be receiving a call or email from your teacher. If you have questions you can call 208.562.2068 for Nampa Community Learning Center, or, 208.562.2575 for Boise Community Learning Center.  

Existing Workforce Development Students. If you are currently taking a WD class that has transitioned to online instruction, please know your instructor will continue to work with you and provide up-to-date information regarding your class. If you are in a class that requires a skills lab, the WD team will work to help you fulfill those requirements when students are allowed back on campus.  

Adult Education/ESL/GED  

552 Faculty & Staff FAQs

COVID-19 Updates

What is CWI doing to keep me safe if I’m asked to work on-site? CWI takes the health and safety of our employees, students and public extremely seriously. As more people begin to utilize CWI campus locations, we are implementing new practices and facility adjustments to provide a safe environment. Some changes include:

  • Masks optional
  • Physical distancing is encouraged where appropriate
  • Individuals experiencing any symptoms are asked to stay home
  • Disinfectant supplies will be utilized to sanitize common areas and heavily-used surfaces on campus.

Do I have to wear a mask? Masks are optional.

What happens if a co-worker or I get sick? Employees will be asked to self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming into work each day and if they have symptoms or are sick to remain home and contact their supervisor. Employees that feel sick at work or appear to be sick will be sent home for the day. CWI will maintain the confidentiality of an individual and their personal medical information and only communicate information deemed as essential for others to know.  

Employee Benefit, Leave, and Wellness Questions

Can I impose a self-quarantine on myself after traveling abroad? You should discuss your concerns with Human Resources, and they will base their recommendations on advice from public health authorities.

Will I be covered under worker’s compensation if I contract COVID-19 from a co-worker? Anytime you believe you have acquired an illness at work, either you or your supervisor should complete and submit the First Report of Injury. The State Insurance Fund will review your claim and determine whether worker’s compensation applies.

Where can I go for support related to my stress, anxiety, and fears related to the coronavirus? The current coronavirus outbreak and constant media coverage can be anxiety-producing. While it is important to stay informed, there are things we can do to manage our mental well-being:

Talk about your fears, anxiety, and stress. The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential, short-term counseling services for benefit-eligible employees and their dependents. Visit or call 877.427.2327. (TDD: 800.697.0353).

What should be done if an employee is asked to self-quarantine? Asymptomatic employees who are subject to self-isolation under the direction of public health authorities due to a significant risk of exposure to COVID-19 or an employee who is providing care to a family member who is directed by a medical professional to self-isolation but can otherwise work may be able to telecommute depending on their work.  Employees should contact their supervisor regarding the possibility of telecommuting. 

In the event working remotely is not available for an employee, a leave of absence would be provided and the employee would be asked to use accrued sick leave.  If the employee does not have enough accrued sick leave to cover the time missed the employee will be allowed to borrow against future sick leave accruals with Vice President approval. 

Can I give, or receive, donated time for sick leave? Yes. CWI will begin allowing employees to donate either Sick or Vacation time in line with the existing Leave Donation Program. For more information please review the Leave Donation Program found in the Employee Benefits Policy.

What should an employee do if they are sick but were not tested for COVID–19?  Employees are encouraged to remain home if they have a fever and cough and to seek care for severe respiratory distress and to not return to work until they are free of fever and other symptoms, such as frequent and severe coughing, for at least 24 hours without the use of medicines (e.g., aspirin and cough suppressants).

What happens if I am healthy but choose to stay home because I have concerns about contracting COVID–19?  If an employee does not have an underlying health condition but chooses to stay home because they have concerns about contracting the virus, and the concern has not been substantiated by a health care professional, the employee may request to telecommute if their job is suited for teleworking with their manager’s and Vice President’s approvals.  Employees who can’t telecommute and are needed in their jobs at a CWI worksite and want to stay home should speak with their supervisor and HR to discuss options.

What happens if I am a non-benefited employee and am required to miss time from work related to COVID–19?  The employee and their manager should discuss the option of telework.  In the event the employee is unable to telecommute, CWI compensation policies and practices will be followed.

CWI Policy and Practice Questions 

What are my telecommuting options if I would like to work from home? Discuss telecommuting options with your supervisor.

Can I request to work in a position with less interpersonal contact until the concerns with COVID-19 are resolved? Generally, no. However, if you are an employee with a qualified FMLA condition, please consult with your human resources representative to explore possible accommodations.

I went on a vacation and was isolated by public health officials for two weeks after my planned vacation. What should I do? Although you are isolated, the expectation is that you contact your supervisor or Human Resources and notify them of your status and anticipated return to work. In this scenario, you may be able to telecommute if your work allows, or use sick leave and FMLA, if eligible, or use other accrued leave.

Am I required to help a customer (student, staff, faculty or visitor) who is showing signs of COVID-19 or another communicable disease?  In some circumstances, employees have a right to refuse to perform their work if they believe it is not safe to do so. Employees should discuss their concerns with their supervisor and/or Human Resources. Additional information is available through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration website. Employees with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act may also have additional options available to them. 

What if a co-worker is showing signs of illness and is still coming to work? Employees should follow normal call-in procedures and stay home anytime they are sick to help prevent the spread of illness to others. If you are concerned about a co-worker showing signs of illness and still coming to work, talk to your supervisor or Human Resources. Nonetheless, employees need to be cautious to ensure that they are not violating their co-worker’s rights, discriminating against them, and/or interfering with their privacy. 

What do I do if the building I work in is closed? Employees impacted by building closures will need to work with their managers to utilize telecommuting or possibly work remotely at another CWI location. In the event these options are not available to an employee otherwise able to work they will receive full pay for the days of closure. 

What happens if the College is closed? Should the college close for a short period of time and some employees’ work does not allow them to telecommute during that time period, they will receive their full salary.

Can my manager ask me to go home (or stay home) if I’m feeling sick? Yes, if an employee shows signs of respiratory illness they can be asked to leave the workplace and stay home until they are symptom-free. Please refer to the information on this page or CDC for information regarding symptoms to watch for.

Faculty and Student Updates 

What is the financial aid impact for students who withdraw at this time? The impact varies by student. Please direct students to consult Financial Aid with questions by emailing or calling 208.562.3000.

What computer and internet access will we be able to provide to students? A number of resources can be found on our COVID-19 Communications page. Additionally, computer labs will be opening April 6 for students to have computer and Wi-Fi access.  

My internet and/or computer at home are not reliable. What can I do? Speak with your department chair about options. Additionally, the resources on our webpage may be of assistance. 

Tests for my class must be proctored. What options do I have? With our reduced capacity for testing this term, instructional deans are coordinating test-proctoring needs for their colleges; please follow up with them on an individual basis.

Online Instruction

Where can I find information on better online delivery options for my students? Tools and resources are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning Organization within Blackboard to support faculty during this transition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to with specific questions or concerns. 

I need to fill out the Online Delivery Preparedness Form. All faculty must fill out an Online Delivery Preparedness Form for each of your classes, please do so immediately.   

I have work-study students in my unit/division/department. What do I do with them? Please contact the CWI Financial Aid office with questions.  

Working Remotely 

How can I make sure my technology is safe? Now is the time it is especially important to be vigilant for phishing attempts. During times of rapid change those who engage in phishing and social engineering can take advantage of our need for information. Remember past security training tips: 

  • If you are not expecting an email with a link or document from someone, do not open it. 
  • Understand that those who will attempt to gain inappropriate access will be using fake alerts, and false websites using the Coronavirus/COVID-19 to get you to click links, open unknown PDF’s, etc.  
  • If an email feels weird, reach out to the sender to confirm. 

How can I request loaned equipment from IT? Visit the Operation Guidebook to access IT technical support. Or work with your EOT member/Dean/Supervisor to prioritize and submit a request for loaned equipment via the Helpdesk. As IT is able to fill requests, you will be contacted.

How can I pick up loaned equipment?  IT User Services will contact you to set up a time for you to pick up the equipment at the Nampa Campus Multipurpose Building. 

How do I retrieve my voicemails when I'm away from campus? Instructions can be found on the CWI’s Help Desk FAQ page: How do I retrieve my voicemails when I am away from my desk either on campus or off campus.

How can I forward my office phone?

  • Off-Campus Instructions 
  • On-Campus Instructions 
    • If you have a Cisco 8811 model, press the “Forward” soft-key button (located below the display), followed by “8” + your cell phone number (10 digits) 
    • If you have an older model (i.e. charcoal colored black phones), there is a softkey (below the display) that says “CFwdAll”.  Press that, then 8+your number. 
    • In either case, if you don’t see the button, press the “more” softkey to access another layer of softkeys. 

What if I get locked out of my account? You may reset or change your password by going to It will take from 1-5 minutes for your password change to update on Blackboard. That means if you immediately try to logon to Blackboard with your new password and it doesn’t work you may need to wait 5 minutes before attempting to logon.

What guidelines are there for working remotely?

  • Remain available during business hours.
  • Attend all team meetings through Zoom (i.e. daily stand ups, refinements, retrospectives, work groups, etc.).
  • Actively monitor/respond to customer and team requests.
  • Continue to deliver your sprint work commitments and communicate impediments to your Scrum Master or Solution Owner.
  • Secure your work area and all CWI systems.
  • Keep your personal outlook calendar, team calendar, and out-of-office notices up to date if you are unable to work due to sickness or planned vacations.

If I am using my own laptop/phone will IT help me? Following CWI’s IT Policy 90 - Personal Equipment and Software Support Policy

  • Information Technology Responsibilities 
    • Information Technology (IT) is responsible for configuring and supporting CWI’s College Computing Resources.  IT will provide configuration documentation for, and assistance with, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity for remote access to CWI’s network by employees who are authorized to have such access. 
    • IT is not responsible for supporting individual personal computing equipment or for the backup and restoration of critical data stored on personally owned equipment. 
  • User Responsibilities 
    • The User is responsible for using College Computing Resources on his/her personal Mobile Device within the same constraints as on a CWI-owned device by adhering to all device and network acceptable use guidelines referenced herein and in any other applicable CWI policy. 
    • The User will not download or transfer sensitive business data to his/her Mobile Device. 
    • The User will password-protect his/her Mobile Device. 
    • The User must maintain the original Mobile Device operating system and keep the device current with security patches and updates, as released by the manufacturer. 
    • The User is responsible for any software installed on his/her Mobile Device including the operating system and any home related network software or drivers. 
    • The User agrees to delete any sensitive business files that may be inadvertently downloaded and stored on his/her device through the process of viewing email attachments. 
    • The User will not backup, download, or transfer sensitive business data or documents to any third-party service such as Dropbox or personal OneDrive. 
    • The User is responsible for all Mobile Device support requirements, including the cost of repairs, diagnostics or replacement. 

For additional information or resources related to working remotely please see the below links. 

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