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College of Western Idaho (CWI) is advancing into a new phase of innovative growth and campus establishment. Through a campus visioning and planning process, CWI created a long-term vision to inform campus expansion and drive investment in the College's infrastructure. It is paramount we create high-quality classroom space, ensuring a state-of-the-art learning environment, supporting students and our community. Four key capital projects, described below, are in progress and critical in making that vision a reality.  

In order for these projects to become a reality, we need community partners. We aim to raise $15 - 20M and invite you to join us in this effort!  If you are interested in learning more about our capital projects or in making a donation to make these projects a reality, contact the CWI Foundation at or 208.562.3100 to learn more.


Nampa Campus

Development of Nampa Campus will consist of a dedicated building for health and sciences, as well as expansion and consolidation of horticulture and agriculture sciences within our main Nampa Campus footprint. In addition, focused student support services and resources will come together to create the Student Learning Hub. The first phase of development is underway near the Nampa Campus Academic Building with bridge construction and extension of utilities to accommodate the new buildings. The College has partnered with  ESI and Cushing Terrell for design and construction.

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    Boise Campus

    The Boise Campus will transition from the Black Eagle Business Park to the corner of Main Street and Whitewater Boulevard, near the Boise River. This new location is adjacent to a vibrant, downtown environment, providing opportunity for students to access high-quality, affordable education leading to employment. This site will also feature dining, hospitality, retail, residential, and office space enhancing the unique campus experience. The College has partnered with  Ball Ventures Ahlquist (BVA), Hummel Architects, and ESI Construction for design and development of this mixed-use campus. 

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      Rendering of the Boise Center

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      Visioning & Planning Process

      The College initiated a Campus Visioning and Planning process to inform, guide, and prioritize campus improvements to better serve students and communities. A CWI Planning Team, comprised of a comprehensive representation of internal stakeholders, worked to bring forward a recommendation. Throughout the process, internal and external feedback was gathered to help provide input on immediate development and future growth needs of the College.

      The Planning Team’s objective was to provide recommendations to the CWI Board of Trustees and receive approval of strategic direction and priorities for campus development and capital projects. The process included  programming priorities, space requirements, campus focus areas, funding sources, and timelines. CWI's guiding principles for strategic campus development are:

      • Provide high-value, accessible, and flexible learning, including online programs.
      • Maximize the utilization and adaptability of existing learning spaces
      • Expand hands-on learning spaces, labs, and market spaces
      • Increase spaces for highest job demands, such as health care and STEM.
      • Establish convenient spaces for student interaction, study, support, and wellness
      • Create spaces for industry networking, apprenticeships, and workforce opportunities
      • Provide cohesive campus environments to foster student community and success

      From these guiding principles, we focused on incorporating the following key attributes into our design concepts:

      Accessible - Flexible - Supportive - Collaborative - Communal - Cohesive

      The visioning time frame spanned multiple months and included three phases: assessment, exploration, and application.

      CWI Board Approves Campus Visioning Plan

      Campus Visioning and Planning Recommendation

      April 14, 2022 BOT Final Presentation

      Board of Trustees Work Sessions

      Dec. 9, 2021 BOT Work Session
      Feb. 10, 2022 BOT Work Session

      Campus Visioning Survey

      Nearly 1,300 individuals, including internal and external stakeholders, provided input on immediate development and future growth of the College in a Fall 2021 Campus Visioning Survey.

      Information collected from the survey assisted the CWI Planning Team, along with Cushing Terrell, a local planning, architecture, and engineering firm, in providing a recommendation to the CWI Board of Trustees regarding programming priorities, space requirements, campus focus areas, funding sources, and timelines.

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