Foundation scholarships are available to students attending the College of Western Idaho (CWI) who meet scholarship specific eligibility requirements. Completion of the application ensure that students will be reviewed for all possible opportunities. 

Steps to Apply

  1. You must first submit a financial aid application (FAFSA). This does NOT apply to Workforce Development students.
  2. Go to CWI Scholarship page and log in using your myCWI username and password.
  3. Complete your Profile Information on the General Application.
  4. Select the appropriate application.
  5. Complete all of the questions on the application and submit. 
  6. Once you have submitted the application, a list of scholarships for which you may be eligible for will appear. 
    1. Active Opportunities - Eligibility criteria has been met and no further action is required.
    2. Recommended Opportunities - If you meet the eligibility criteria follow the directions provided to apply. 

Checking Your Application Status

Log in to the CWI Scholarship page to view the status of the scholarship(s) you have applied for. 

Understanding Your Status

  • Drafted - Application has been started but not yet submitted
  • Submitted - Application is complete but not yet reviewed
  • Offered - You have been selected.  A link will be sent to your student email that allows you to view and modify you awards. 
    • To decline an award, it must first be accepted.
  • Reserved Candidate - You were not selected to receive an award, but may be, if additional funding becomes available.
  • Not Selected - You were not selected to receive that specific award, but may be, if additional funding becomes available.

Scholarship Recipients

A Thank you letter must be submitted for each individual scholarship you accept.  You will NOT receive the scholarship funds until your letter has been submitted and received. 

Select Post-Acceptance on the CWI Scholarship page to complete this step.