A Tile is a modern app representation in the Windows 10 Start menu. Tiles can be removed, added, re-sized, and can appear either live or static.
Steps to take:
1) Open Start menu and right-click on the Tile you want to customize.
2) To remove the Tile, select "Unpin from Start".
3) To add, locate the app in the list of apps in the Start menu, right-click and select "Pin to Start".
4) To resize, right-click on the Tile, hover the mouse over "Resize" and select a size option from the menu.
5) To change from static to live and vice versa, locate the Tile, right-click and select either "Turn Live Tile off" or "Turn Live Tile on".
6) Additionally, the Tiles can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them wherever you please.

Download Full Instructions