1. Go to
2. You’ll be presented with a screen that asks for your Username and Password.
3.Your username and password will be the same as what you use to access your MyCWI account and your student email account. For your username; enter your first and last name in all lowercase letters with no spaces. For your password, enter the same password that you set for your MyCWI and email accounts.

Additional Blackboard Information:
1. Blackboard is tied with your Windows logon. If you change your password in Windows on a campus computer, your Blackboard password will change to match that password.
2. If you make 3 unsuccessful attempts to logon to Blackboard, your account will become locked for 30 minutes. It will automatically unlock after that 30 minutes.
3. If you accidentally close your browser window or your browser crashes during a test, the test will become locked and you will need to contact your instructor to have it re-opened for you. Your answers may or may not be saved.

Download Full Instructions