Before reporting a technical issue to your instructor or Helpdesk, check the following items. This only applies to desktop computers, such as a Dell or Mac, not tablets like iPad or a smart phone.

  • Always click “Yes” “Accept” “Continue” “Enable” “I Agree” etc. when your instructor posts presentations or activities for you to access.
  • Make sure your computer has all of the latest updates from its manufacturer (for example, Microsoft Windows Update or Dell Driver Updates).
  • CWI performs weekly routine maintenance on Blackboard Sunday mornings from 6:00AM to10AM. During this time, you may experience a slow response or be unable to connect to Blackboard and Blackboard Mobile.

Your Internet browser is the program you use to access the Internet. Examples include Google Chrome and Firefox. Contact your instructor for recommendations on the best browser to use for your class.

  • Is your pop-up blocker enabled?
  • Is your browser up to date?
  • Are cookies enabled?
  • Do you have a lot of add-ons (such as toolbar extensions, plugins, etc.) that may interfere with the normal function of your browser?

Flash and Javascript
Flash and Javascript are programs that allow you to view media, such as animations and videos, in your Internet browser. If they are disabled or out of date, you may not be able to view or access certain files.

  • Do you have the latest version of Flash?
  • Are you using a tablet or phone to view Flash content?
  • Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?

Internet Connection
It is critical to the success of your online studies to have a stable, wired Internet connection. In the Treasure Valley, wired providers include CableOne, CenturyLink, and Comcast. Clearwire only provides wireless service.

  • Are you using wireless?
  • Are you having difficulty loading websites?
  • Is your Internet browser warning you that it has timed out?

Basic things, such as having a current anti-virus and latest updates on your computer, will make your online experience smoother. Some issues can occur because you do not have an updated system.

  • Do you have all of the latest Windows/Mac updates installed?
  • Do you have an anti-virus program installed?
  • Is spyware or malware interfering with the normal function of your computer?

Have you gone through all of these steps and still having trouble with your online class and computer? Contact your instructor to inform them of the issue then submit a Helpdesk ticket.

Please see the attached PDF document for step by step instructions.
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