Instructors at CWI are expected to focus on mastering disciplinary content, developing and strengthening their ability to prepare and present instructional materials, and assessing student performance. Instructors are focusing on inclusive student-centered pedagogy and familiarizing themselves with the college, its resources, systems, and departmental curriculum in order to facilitate student success and persistence across the student lifecycle. Professional development at the rank of instructor focuses on student achievement. Instructors are engaged in the institution in areas where their participation and skill set has the greatest potential for impact on the success of students.


  • Instruction: Instructors develop and improve excellence in one’s own instructional performance.
  • Institutional Engagement: Instructors pursue opportunities for engagement that make significant contributions to the success of students and their courses.
  • Professional Development: Instructors pursue professional development that has significant impact on CWI’s success.


Self, students (key roles: build knowledge and skills, familiarize, engage, assist)



  • Develop and maintain inclusive, student-centered pedagogy to meet the unique needs of CWI’s diverse community college population.
  • Focus on continuous improvement of course curriculum, content delivery, assessment, and responsiveness to students.
  • Establish and maintain a record of teaching excellence.
  • Assist in the development and/or revision of curriculum at the course level.
  • Institutional Engagement

Institutional Engagement

  • Develop professional relationships to familiarize oneself with the college, its resources, and systems.
  • Engage in service activities that support student and personal success.
  • Become conversant with department/program-level initiatives.
  • Understand and engage with planning and/or assessment at department/program level.

Professional Development

  • Work with supervisors to determine how one’s professional expertise and interests contribute to student and personal success.