As they master curriculum content, in order to consistently demonstrate instructional excellence, Associate Professors actively participate in school initiatives. Associate Professors refine their inclusive, student-centered pedagogy. Involvement in service and professional development broadens, and Associate Professors are highly engaged in the institution in areas where their participation and skill set has the greatest potential for impact on the success of students, department/program, and school, as well as the persistence of students across the student lifecycle.


  • Instruction: Associate Professors contribute to excellence in instructional performance.
  • Institutional Engagement: Associate Professors pursue opportunities for engagement that make significant contributions to their school and have a positive impact on the community it serves.
  • Professional Development: Associate Professors pursue professional development that has significant impact on CWI’s success.


Self, students, department, school (key roles: contribute, collaborate, revise, create, develop)



  • Refine inclusive, student-centered pedagogy to meet the unique needs of CWI’s diverse community college population.
  • Demonstrate continuous, self-reflective improvement of course curriculum, content delivery,assessment, and responsiveness to student needs.
  • Demonstrate a consistent record of teaching excellence.
  • Develop, revise, and/or recommend curriculum, courses, and programs of study.

Institutional Engagement

  • Pursue professional opportunities and relationships to improve student, personal, and school success.
  • Contribute to, collaborate in, and develop school-level initiatives.
  • Contribute to planning and/or assessment at department/program and the school’s level.

Professional Development

  • Collaborate with supervisors and dean to determine how one’s professional expertise and interests contribute to the school’s success.