Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards

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All degree/certificate seeking students must meet certain academic progress standards in order to establish and maintain eligibility for financial aid and scholarships. Federal regulations require CWI to establish, publish, and monitor your progress toward completion of your certificate or degree program.  CWI measures your academic progress and you will be notified of your SAP standing at the conclusion of each semester.

IMPORTANT:  If, for any reason, you fall below the standards for satisfactory academic progress, you will be placed of financial aid warning or suspension and will no longer be eligible to receive financial aid at CWI.  If, there are extenuating circumstances that contributed to your academic difficulties, you have the right to appeal.


What Should I Do If I Am Placed On Financial Aid Suspension?

If you are on financial aid "Suspension", you are temporarily ineligible for future financial aid and scholarship disbursements until further action is taken. However, it is possible to regain your eligibility for financial aid.

You can:

  • Continue to attend classes by paying your own costs. Your SAP standing will be re-evaluated at the conclusion of each semester and you will regain your eligibility for financial aid once you begin meeting ALL of the standards again. In some cases, it may require multiple semesters of satisfactory academic progress to regain good standing.
  • Appeal your financial aid suspension if there were extenuating circumstances that led to your academic difficulties.

How Can I Appeal my Financial Aid Suspension?

In order to appeal your financial aid suspension, you must:

*Be sure to bring this completed form to the appointment, along with any other documentation you would like to submit with your appeal.

At your appeal appointment, you will work with your Student Success Advisor to develop an education plan (showing only classes you are required to take that you will be required to follow if your appeal is approved) that will ensure your future academic success. After the appointment, your appeal will be reviewed and you will receive a notification of whether your appeal is approved or denied.

Note: If your appeal is approved, your financial aid for future semesters will be conditionally reinstated and your progress carefully monitored. In order to regain your eligibility for financial aid, you must enroll ONLY in courses that are recommended by your Student Success Advisor in your education plan and maintain SAP standards.

CWI Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)