Registrar's Office

Spring 2023: Last day to register for classes is Jan. 13; Classes begin on Jan. 17.
Beginning Fall 2020, CWI will offer five course delivery styles. See below for further details.

Mission Statement

The Registrar’s Office supports student learning by maintaining academic record integrity and providing services in support of students’ educational goals. We demonstrate our commitment to serving students, faculty, staff, and the community daily through our core services — registration, graduation, scheduling, curriculum management, systems, and compliance.

Contact Us

Contact the CWI Registrar's Office by emailing us at, or by viewing Registrar Staff Contacts in the College directory.

Course Delivery Styles

CWI offers multiple course delivery styles that students may choose during registration in order to meet their individual scheduling needs. These course delivery styles include:

  • In-Person: Courses are offered in-person at regularly designated meeting times in a physical classroom environment.
  • Online: Courses are offered entirely online through technology with no designated meeting times. 
  • Hybrid: Courses are offered by combining in-person learning and online learning.
  • Remote: Courses are offered entirely online through technology with designated meeting times.
  • Hyflex: Courses are offered with added flexibility allowing students to choose between in-person or virtual (remote or online as designated by the class schedule).

For additional information regarding course delivery styles and how to register for each, please visit Course Delivery Styles or refer to the Registering for Classes page of the CWI Catalog.