New Student Next Steps

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Done with Orientation, now what?

  • 1. Review Important Catalog Information

    • Important Dates
    • Understand How to Register, Drop and Withdraw from Classes
      • You can learn how to register for classes in myCWI using our helpful online videos
      • Find information on dropping or withdrawing from classes in the catalog.
  • 2. Register for Classes

    Register online in myCWI>Toolkit>Student Planning

    • Student Planning is a great way to help students stay on track during their educational journey. Students will not only be able to register for classes but also create a degree plan, update personal information, and explore changing majors!

    Connect with Advising Services

    • Meet with your advisor to get help with registration, degree planning, and making the most of your time at CWI. 
  • 3. Pay for Classes

    • Verify Financial Aid (if applicable)
      • If you are applying for Financial Aid, you can find a helpful checklist in myCWI > Toolkit > Financial Aid or visit the Financial Aid webpage for more information.
    • Payment Options
      • Balances not covered by Financial Aid or other funding, need to be paid in full or have a Payment Plan in place by the Tuition and Fees due date posted in the Academic Calendar.
  • 4. Understand Student Conduct

    As a student you will be responsible for knowing the policies and conduct that is expected as a student.

  • 6. Prepare for Class

    Get your Student ID Card

    • Bring a state-issued ID to any One Stop location and pick up your Student ID.

      • You will use this CWI identification card for various college services such as the Library, Math Solution Center, and access to free bus service through Valley Ride.

    Pick up your Textbooks

    • Once you register for courses, you can find book information in Student Planning or by going to the CWI Bookstore website. Approximately one week prior to the start of each semester, you can charge your books against your accepted financial aid award.

    Access Blackboard

    • Connect with resources at CWI such as Student Support Services, Events, Tutoring, and Counseling Services by visiting in myCommons (under the My Organizations tab).  ​​​​​
    • Get ahead by earning Badges for topics such as Library Services, Writing, Computer Literacy, and Advising Services. 

      • Badges are mini-online courses you can take at your own pace.

    • All online classes are accessed through Blackboard and will not be available until the first day of the semester.

    Check your Student Email

    • Most communication from faculty and staff at CWI will come to you via your student email account.  Check your email frequently so you don’t miss any important communications.

      GO TO:

      Have a smartphone? Download the Outlook app!

  • 7. Connect with your Advisor

    First-Semester Required Advising

    Matriculated degree-seeking students are required to meet with their assigned Student Success Advisor (SSA) within their first semester to create an academic plan. The purpose of the required advising meeting is to allow students to meet with their SSA, understand academic expectations, degree requirements, and discover more ways to meet their educational or career goals while at CWI. To ensure that students are meeting with their advisor, an advising hold is placed during their first semester preventing the registration of the following semester.

    Together, degree-seeking students will work with their Student Success Advisor to create a plan which matches the student’s educational and career goals. In doing so, this reduces the risk of students taking more classes than are needed for their degree, saving potentially time and money.

    Students will be able to see the plan in Student Planning of myCWI. With a plan available, students can view on-demand which courses apply toward their goals.