CWI-101: Connecting with Ideas

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Connecting with Ideas (CWI-101) helps students become engaged members of the academic community at College of Western Idaho and cultivates the habits of mind for lifelong achievement and success. The course encourages students to claim their education through learning how to learn.  By linking critical and creative thinking with writing and discussion, students will explore thematic content in order to develop their own perspectives on learning and success.  The course addresses academic expectations and strategies, college resources and services, as well as personal responsibility and engagement to prepare students for navigating college life and life beyond college.

FAQ's About CWI-101   Spring 2022 - Topics List  

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Term - 2021 Summer Semester

Subject - Connecting With Ideas
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  • Online - Online Sections are intended for students in fully online degrees and will include content geared to the fully online student. Provides computer-based instruction with electronically facilitated contact with the instructor and other students.
  • Hybrid - Combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. A portion of the course is scheduled on campus, and the rest is completed online.

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The Interconnectedness of Society

Courses in this area are based on a Liberal Arts thematic focus (Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and Spanish, for example).

Please note that all courses are aligned under the same objectives, but how they are instructed depends on the thematic content. Students are welcome to enroll in any CWI 101 course they choose and that best meets their schedule.