Communicating with Your Advisor

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Student Planning - Communicating with your Advisor

How to Communicate with your Advisor

This handout will show step-by-step how students can communicate with their Student Success Advisor (advisor) through a Review Request. Student Planning enables students and advisors to communicate and work on a plan together. It is important to note that when working on a plan within Student Planning the student and advisor are working on the same plan. If a student or advisor makes a change to the student’s plan, that change is immediately reflected within Student Planning for both the student and the advisor.

To begin, access Student Planning located within myCWI.

Login to Student Planning using your CWI username and password. Remember that your username is all lowercase.

Click on “Student Planning.”

Student Planning

Select “Plan your Degree & Register for Classes.”

Plan your degree and register for classes

Here you can see that we have planned a number of courses for the Fall 2016 semester.

Select the “Advising” tab.

Advising tab in Student Planning

Next select the “Request Review” button.

A student can request a review of their plan at any time. Students who have requested a review online through Student Planning should include specific questions in the “Compose a Note” box which is also found on the “Advising” tab. Ask questions and look for feedback from your advisor in “View Note History.” This is also where notes between the student and advisor will be saved for future references. Notes cannot be edited or deleted once they are saved. If you would like a refresher on any of the material covered in this PDF, you may be able to find answers by using the help menu in the upper right hand corner.

Highlighting Compose a Note, View Note History and Request Review in Student Planning.