Course Delivery Styles

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New course options to help you succeed.

New options in course delivery give students the choice to select a style that best fits their learning style and life-style. These course delivery options empower students to have the flexibility to learn on their time, when and how it works best!

Choose between traditional course offerings including; in-person, online, and hybrid, as well as new remote and hyflex options. Availability varies from course to course, so be sure to verify your options prior to registering

Find the style that’s right for you!

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In Person Icon

Courses are offered in-person at regularly designated meeting times in a physical classroom environment.

Benefits: Students will experience face-to-face learning, during regularly scheduled meeting times on campus.

Note: While on campus masks are optional and specific safety protocols in place.

How to Register: In-Person sections are designated with a section number only (e.g. ENGL-101-001).




Courses are offered entirely online through technology with no designated meeting times.

Benefits: Students will work independently to complete learning activities, assignments, and meet deadlines determined by the instructor. Online courses are facilitated through technology by instructors to engage students in the class.

Note: Students are not expected to come to a physical location except to take proctored exams when requested by their instructors. Students at a significant distance from CWI facilities may arrange proctored exams at approved locations in their own communities.

How to Register: Online sections are designated with a "W" at the end of a section number (e.g. ENGL-101-001W).



Hybrid icon

Courses are offered by combining in-person learning and online learning.

Benefits: Students are able to experience in-person courses at designated meeting times, while part of the course is delivered through online technology.

Note: The number of scheduled in-person meetings are reduced due to the addition of online.

How to Register: Hybrid sections are designated with an "H" at the end of a section number (e.g. ENGL-101-001H).



Remote icon

Courses are offered entirely online through technology with designated meeting times.

Benefits: Students who prefer class at a regularly scheduled time with instructor led, real time instruction via technology (e.g. Teams, Zoom, Collaborate, etc), like this style. Students log in at the same time each class time.

Note: The frequency of designated meeting times varies by course and meeting times may be substituted with online learning.

How to Register: Remote sections are designated with an “R” at the end of a section number (e.g. ENGL-101-001R).



Hyflex icon

Courses are offered with added flexibility allowing students to choose between in-person or virtual (remote or online as designated by the class schedule).

Benefits: Students are able to attend class in-person or virtually. Virtual may be remote (designated meeting times) or online. Hyflex enables students to participate in class, in-person or virtually, without sacrificing learning outcomes.

Note: For those students that choose the virtual option, they will refer to the class schedule to determine if it is remote or online. The frequency of designated meeting times may vary by course and meeting times may be substituted with online learning.

How to Register: HyFlex sections are designated with an "F" at the end of a section number (e.g. ENGL-101-001F).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want in-person classes but all I can get are online. Will more availability be opening up?

    If the in-person class you want is full, and there are not any others available, you can waitlist the course you want while being signed up for an online course. If you are selected from the waitlist, you will be able drop the online course and register for the course you waitlisted.

    For information on how to waitlist a class visit the Waitlisting a Course page.

    For information on how to register for classes visit the Registering for Classes page.

  • Do I have to sign into class at a certain time?

    If you are taking a Remote class, yes you will have a designated meeting time. These courses are instructor-led in real time.

    If you are taking a Hyflex course, and you choose the virtual option, you may have a designated meeting time or it may be online. Please refer to the class schedule for details. 

    For full information on course delivery visit the Course Delivery Styles webpage.

  • Can I use my phone for Zoom?

    Zoom is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices in the app store. Make sure to download the app and set up your account prior to the beginning of your first class.

    Zoom experiences differ from desktop to tablet to mobile, so be sure you are using the appropriate device to help you succeed in class. Check with your instructor if you have any questions regarding Zoom needs.