Special Course Fees

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Special course fees, added to the cost of tuition for select classes at College of Western Idaho (CWI), are used to pay for special equipment, labs, and materials.

  • In striving to provide accessible and affordable learning opportunities for students, CWI makes a conscious effort to apply fees reasonably, affordably, and sparingly. 
  • Students may request to opt-out of select special course fees, as noted in the list of approved fees. 

2024-2025 Special Course Fees 2023-2024 Special Course Fees

Purpose of Fees

A special course fee may be applied to a class for a number of purposes, such as: 

  • The class includes resources or opportunities not common to general courses and incurs costs beyond those captured in the College’s base tuition and fees.
  • The College is able to purchase materials or supplies at a volume that provides a cost benefit to students while ensuring consistency of learning materials. 
  • Materials or supplies are guaranteed for all students and can be provided to students from the first day of learning to ensure success.
  • Materials or supplies are utilized to ensure the safety of students or to maintain fidelity of machinery or equipment in the learning environment.