Tobacco Use On Campus

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Committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, students, and visitors, College of Western Idaho's (CWI) Board of Trustees has adopted a Tobacco Use Policy establishing restrictions regarding smoking and the use of electronic/vapor cigarettes on campus. 

Tobacco Use Policy

Respectful Communication

CWI’s Tobacco Use Policy is intended to be positive and promote a healthy learning environment. In the spirit of cooperation, CWI encourages employees, students, and guests to be non-confrontational and respectful of all members of our campus community when communicating CWI policies. In return, tobacco users are asked to adhere to the policy and be respectful of former and non-tobacco users. Enforcement will be achieved through education, awareness, and cooperation, which makes it important to remain courteous and respectful when addressing the Tobacco Use Policy.

Be respectful

Please recognize that employees, students, or guests using tobacco products or electronic/vapor cigarettes on campus may be unfamiliar with the Tobacco Use Policy. Please be courteous and respectful when communicating about tobacco use on campus and share the Tobacco Use Policy as necessary to educate other. 

Know the policy

In order to properly share changes to CWI’s policies, it is important to fully understand restrictions and expectations.

Adhere to the policy

All employees and students are expected to adhere to CWI’s Policies and Procedures, including the Tobacco Use Policy. Communication, awareness, and personal responsibility will help in educating the CWI community. Repeat offenders are subject to discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct or employee policies and procedures.

Utilize CWI Resources

Campus Security is here to help. If you notice any recurring Tobacco Use Policy violation, please contact Campus Security so they may inform the appropriate individual or department. This not only helps ensure appropriate steps are being taken to address the situation, but it also allows CWI to make sure adequate signage is in place to communicate policies.


Coordinator, Environmental Safety and Health
  • Environmental Health and Safety and Institutional Policies