This SOP is intended to help guide students and faculty through protocols for classrooms and lab spaces.

Addendum: Classroom Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 

Effective 8.24.2020   

Reference: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)     

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) has established this SOP to allow occupants (students, faculty, and staff) in campus laboratories for educational classes.     

There will be no exceptions to this SOP, the safety of students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance to the college.   

General Guidelines  

  1. Class sizes have been adjusted to manage social distancing as well as account for attrition.   
  2. Distancing has been taken into consideration based on individual classroom capacity.    
  3. One request that we have of all students, faculty, and staff before they enter our facilities is to conduct a thorough self-assessment to determine if they might be at risk of spreading COVID-19.
  4. Food on campus is allowed in common area open spaces with seating and where physical distancing (6 feet) can be accomplished. Eating will not be allowed in areas outside of common spaces, for instance, classrooms, labs, testing, library, etc. In the event that physical distancing in common area open spaces can not occur, individuals will need to plan to eat outside or in a vehicle.

 Note: Prior to the term start all buildings and classrooms will be walked through to all items noted below are in place as stated.  We ask faculty to verify prior to classes that all items are still in place.  

Faculty Checklist 

  1. Faculty member has completed Fall 2020: COVID Readiness Training before entering a classroom for the fall 2020 semester. 
  2. Faculty member is aware of and knows how to access the return to work COVID-19 Operations Guidebook.  
  3. Faculty member has prepared an online course as well as the face to face course in the event we must transition to fully online.  
  4. Faculty member has verified signage is placed appropriately on classroom door noting facial covering requirements, sanitizing requirements, and self-assessment. (Responsibility of placing signage falls with facilities.) 
  5. Sanitizing station is located near classroom?  
  6. Faculty member has sanitizing wipes in classroom?  
  7. Faculty member has shield, mask/face covering, or both for their use?  
  8. Faculty member has additional masks/face coverings for students or knows where to access them?  
  9. Faculty member has lapel microphone if requested?  
  10. Faculty member knows how to report their own COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, or positive test result and what actions to take regarding their course(s)?  
  11. Faculty member knows how to report their students with a COVID-19 positive test result and what actions to take regarding their coursework?  
  12. Department Chair and Dean have reviewed the above and addressed any additional questions the faculty member may have in regards to managing a safe classroom.  
  13. Faculty member knows who to contact for assistance with disinfecting supplies or additional educational technology needs?  
  14. Faculty member knows who to notify in the event a student does not want to wear facial coverings?  

Protocol for Classrooms Prior to Class Start 

  1. Faculty are to wear face coverings during class time (clear shields or face masks)  
  2. Faculty should remain outside of the 6 feet of recommended distance – be mindful of this for specific teaching and support tasks   
  3. Faculty should sanitize hands when entering the classroom  
  4. Classroom doors should be open prior to class start to avoid multiple contamination points.  
  5. Faculty have the option to close the door when class starts or have it remain open to meet the needs of the space relative to ambient noise and distractions 
  6. Faculty should remind students of the health self-assessment questions they should have asked themselves before entering CWI facilities; give an option to leave the classroom if necessary  
  7. Door stops to be provided in areas where doors do not automatically remain open 
  8. We are requesting attendance is taken prior to each class in the event contact tracing is necessary.  
  9. All humans are REQUIRED to wear facial covers while on campus, this pertains to common areas, classrooms, etc.  
    1. Students should not be allowed to enter classroom without proper facial covers.  
    2. Face coverings are mandatory; please remind any students who need a reminder, and ask a colleague for support – submit a CARE report if necessary 
    3. Face masks are available for any person who needs one 

Protocol for Ending Class 

  1. When class ends students should wipe down their areas with sanitizing wipes (provided); feel free to do this at the beginning of class as well 
    1. Ensure classroom has been sanitized and is ready for the next Instructor  
  2. After class the faculty member should open the door allowing students to exit (avoiding cross contamination)  


  • Faculty member is responsible to ensure SOP is followed in the classroom.  
  • Occupants are responsible to comply with this SOP.  

*this list is fluid and will continue to be updated as necessary