Work-Based Learning Center

Work-Based Learning Center

The Work-Based Learning Center (WBLC) offers a connection between students and employers by providing opportunities to combine instruction with practical work experience. This allows students to confidently choose the correct academic pathway to support their goals.

What we do:

  • Provide one-on-one assistance
  • Connect students and employers
  • Assist students and employers in developing meaningful hands-on experiences
  • Provide assistance with paperwork to ensure students get credit
  • Provide employers tools for financial assistance 

CWI Work Based Learning Center: A Model for the Future of Education

Student Benefits

  • Resume assistance 
  • Employment contacts
  • Work experience
  • On-the-job training
  • Potential to earn money
  • May receive academic credit
  • Continued learning related to chosen career path

Get Started Today

  1. Complete and submit the WBLC application and current resume
  2. Schedule a WBLC appointment 
  3. Attend mandatory WBLC orientation

Information for Employers

Connect with CWI students and alumni through career fairs, on-campus interviews, or by posting your open positions or internships. Help future employees learn about your company while strengthening your partnership with the CWI community. Email, or call 208.562.2562 to learn more!


  • Provide orientation regarding company rules and regulations
  • Inform the student of company expectations
  • Agree to provide the student with a supervised work experience
  • Help make training an educational experience
  • Assist the student in developing measurable learning objectives
  • Evaluate the student’s progress

Submit Employer Contact Information

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