The Idaho State Board of Education requires that post-secondary institutions in Idaho provide current information on vaccine-preventable disease to each student at the time of admission or enrollment for classes. The Idaho Immunization Program has developed the following information to serve as a resource to Idaho’s post-secondary institutions and students attending these institutions. 

Listed below are the main vaccination related items post-secondary institutions must share with students. The links listed after each item will connect you to the appropriate information.  

A. Vaccine preventable disease symptoms and risks

Including those risks associated with group living arrangements for adolescents and adults.

B. Current vaccination recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccination schedule from CDC for students 7-18 years old:  

Vaccination schedule from the CDC for students 19 years of age and older

Information from the CDC on what vaccines are recommended for adults by age, adults with health conditions, pregnant women, healthcare workers, international travelers, and immigrants and refugees: What vaccines are recommended for you.

C. Information regarding where the vaccinations can be received.

Information from the Idaho Immunization Program on where you may be able to get vaccinated. Where to get immunized.

D. The benefits and risks of vaccinations

Including specific information for those persons at higher risk for the disease.