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Published: August 25, 2022

As College of Western Idaho (CWI) Fall 2022 semester gets underway, in a blink of an eye we will be six weeks into the academic semester with exams and assignments creeping up on us. Luckily, CWI Tutoring Services and Writing Center are around to aid and empower our #mightyCWI students in their journey at the College.  

Whether it is in a group setting or one-on-one, Tutoring Services at CWI offer free, in-person, embedded, and online tutoring to currently enrolled CWI students. This includes dual enrollment students, like those attending high school and CWI or Boise State University and CWI simultaneously. 

How to schedule an appointment: 

Students can schedule an appointment with a CWI tutor by logging into Blackboard and choosing Connect with a CWI Tutor (In-Person or Online) from the Tools menu. 

Learn How to Find a Tutor 

Why Utilize CWI Tutoring Services and Writing Center? 

“I really value working in a setting where we can change people's lives for the better,” Supervisor of English Learning Tutors, Liz Fleshman said. “We are a community college, and we have a huge variety of students, which means we have students who have barriers, too. Tutoring Services is able to meet students where they are and help them overcome their academic barriers.” 

This is Fleshman’s second year with Tutoring Services. She hopes to “debunk the myth” that Tutoring Services are for students that may be struggling in their course. She believes the center is for students who are resourceful. 

“Self-advocacy is incredibly important,” Fleshman said. “We don’t know what students need until they ask. If students come in before they start to struggle, then there is no reason to struggle.” 

Supervisor of Writing Center, Gigi Smith, also encourages students to get familiar with the resources available as early as possible.  

“I want CWI's students to reframe tutoring and see it as a companion piece to the whole learning experience,” Smith said. “A student doesn't have to limit their learning engagement to whatever's crammed into a classroom packed with one teacher, a pile of students, and not enough time. Instead, digging into critical inquiry and exploring content in ways that make content make so much more sense, that's where tutors come in.”  

CWI Writing Center works with students across all departments and classes and can help with any stage of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, and polishing. Whether a student is writing a research paper, speech script, the writing on a slide deck, or even a personal statement for a scholarship application, Writing Center tutors can help with the ‘how’ behind what is being written. 

“We're the touchpoint between classroom content and turning it into comprehension,” Smith said. “We offer individualized attention to students who deserve to be heard, and in the process, we work alongside students in building a sense of self-advocacy and intellectual capital.” 

Tutoring Services subjects and resources:  

  • English Language 
    • support for English Language Learners in any subject 
  • Writing Center 
    • support for writing assignments for any subject 
  • STEM Classes 
    • Math, Biology, Chemistry, etc.  
  • Business  
    • Business and Economics classes 
  • Career and Technical Classes 
  • Computer Literacy 
    • support for using CWI technology, such as, Blackboard, myCWI, and Office 365 for any subject 
  • Embedded Tutors  
    • Tutors who work closely with instructors to provide more personalized support to students in specific sections of a course. 
  • Workshops 
    • The center offers various, free workshops for students to attend where they will learn new study skills, exam preparation and test taking strategies, note taking strategies and much more. 

Tutoring Services hours

*unstaffed, open computer labs

Become a Tutor 

Tutoring Services and the Writing Center are always hiring offering CWI students a chance to get ahead in their future career.  

“If you've got an interest in any kind of job where you're working with people, this is a great resume builder,” Fleshman said.  

Become a Tutor 

Anyone with questions and looking for more information on Tutoring Services or the Writing Center can call 208.562.2233, or email or

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