Student Success Advisors: First Source for Academic Success

Published: August 26, 2022

Whether you’re a first-year student or you’ve been at College of Western Idaho (CWI) for a while, finding your way through your academic journey can be stressful at times. Student Advising and Success is here to help answer questions, provide guidance and, above all, make sure students aren’t going through this journey alone.

Student Success Advisors are considered CWI students’ first source for academic help and success assisting with registration, graduation requirements, academic plans, career or major exploration, and more.

Advisors also work with students looking to transfer to a four-year college or university and prepare students who plan to enter the workforce after attending or graduating from CWI.

How to make an appointment

  • Each advisor has a calendar where students can schedule appointments.
  • Students can meet with their advisor in-person or virtually by phone or via Zoom.

Why it is important to utilize Student Success Advisors?

All-degree seeking CWI students are assigned an advisor based on their intended major, such as Biology,  Automotive Technology, or Business. Degree-seeking students are required to meet with their advisor within their first semester to create an academic plan. The goal is for students to understand degree requirements and academic expectations.

Student Success Advisors say meeting early and often reduces the risk of students taking more classes than are needed for their degree, which could potentially save them time and money.

“We are happy to meet with students all semester, but meeting with an advisor now can be important in supporting a student in accessing resources, navigating their college experience, and starting to develop or make adjustments to their academic plan,” said Student Advising and Success Assistant Director, Josee Ward.

Non-degree seeking students can request to be assigned to an advisor based on their academic and career goals.

Every student has a different set of circumstances, whether it may be working multiple jobs, their own family responsibilities, or just someone’s own personal skills and abilities. Advisors can help a student figure out a course load where they can be successful or find resources to help a student accomplish their goals while handling their individual circumstances.

Ward said being able to interact with students closely and help navigate them through their CWI journey is one of the best parts of being a Student Success Advisor and know other advisors feel the same.

“I have been at CWI for 13 years, with 11 of them being in advising, and I can say I get the opportunity to work with amazing individuals each day. Our team embraces the ‘one student at a time’ approach in providing service to students. We are also willing to jump in to help peers with projects and deadlines, all while taking the time to laugh and celebrate with one another. I couldn’t be more proud to be the Assistant Director of the Student Advising and Success team.”

For more information on how to get in contact with a Student Success Advisor, email

Student Advising and Success

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