Dual Credit Student Club Supporting Students

Published: March 15, 2023

Are you a Dual Credit College of Western Idaho (CWI) student? Whether you are taking classes early online or on campus, it can be a new experience that could make you feel unsure. CWI’s Dual Credit Student Club wants dual credit students to know they are not alone and others are here to help acclimate them to the higher education world.

The College's Dual Credit program allows local high school students to enroll in courses at CWI online or in person and jump-start their college experience. The Dual Credit Student Club is open to any CWI student who is, was, or just would like to welcome dual credit students to campus. 

The club strives to provide opportunities for networking, social support, and resource learning to support dual credit students at CWI through club meetings and activities. Dual Credit Student Club will host their first meeting on Tuesday, March 28 over Discord for students to learn more about upcoming events and activities.

First Dual Credit Student Club meeting
Tuesday, March 28
3 p.m.


Those who wish to attend the meeting or want to know more about Dual Credit Student Club, please contact cwidualcreditclub@gmail.com. For those requesting to join the club, please email using your CWI student email, including your first and last name, Discord name, and whether you are a dual credit student or wish to support them.

Parents of dual credit students are welcome at club meetings and should be verified by their student through their student email. 

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