Wallgren Named Faculty of Distinction for September 2022

Published: October 3, 2022

Congratulations to Associate Professor of Business, Lindsey Wallgren, who was named College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Faculty of Distinction for September 2022.

Wallgren, who has been with the College for nearly nine years, got into teaching for many reasons but said primarily to make connections with students and help empower them to reach their goals.

“It is immensely satisfying when a student finally understands a challenging concept or skill, passes a hard exam they've been studying for, gets into the four-year school they've been working toward, or lands their dream job,” said Wallgren. “Being a part of a student's journey is such an honor.”

One of Wallgren’s favorite memories teaching is actually one of her earliest at CWI.

Wallgren had a student enrolled in her Business Software Application (BUSA 120) course who was transitioning into an office-type career after being injured. Wallgren remembers how low the student’s computer literacy was in the beginning of the semester, but she also remembers how hard the student worked and the type of energy she brought to class.

“Every time she mastered a skill, she'd yell out, ‘Bam!’, and that always put a smile on my face. She ended up passing two certification exams that semester, and it was just so rewarding to come alongside her,” Wallgren said.

As someone who came from a non-traditional educational background, Wallgren knows the importance of hard work when it comes to school. While completing her Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership and Master of Business Administration, she worked full-time as an executive assistant for an architecture firm and a health insurance company, then worked in student enrollment for two different higher education institutions.

It was her time at those colleges where she knew she wanted to teach and share her insight to help prepare students for their future career. It’s also what eventually brought her to CWI.

“I love the College’s availability and options for career and technical education as well as the academic programs that not only prepare students to go on to four-year schools, but also give them technical skills to be competitive in the workplace,” Wallgren said.

“Lindsey is a dedicated faculty who has given so much time and energy to the Business Department,” said Dean of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, Courtney Santillan. She added, students share with her how Wallgren’s teachings have helped them in business and the real world.

With Wallgren’s own experience in the real world, she hopes her insight and instruction can influence her students well beyond the classroom.

“I hope my teaching can bring about transformational learning in a person's life so they can go out into the world and be a critical thinker who makes a positive impact on those around them.”

Wallgren is an Idaho native who was born in Twin Falls and moved to Boise when she was just two years old. She has been married for nearly 22 years and has two children: a teen and a tween.

“I am in the phase of life where I'm running kids around a lot, but as a family we love to golf. I'm the worst player in the family, but it's still so much fun to be together,” Wallgren said.

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