Students Published in Censored 2019

Published: October 4, 2018

Zaynah Almaaita, a CWI Media Arts student, and Ky Tucker, a 2018 alumnus, were published in this year's edition of "Censored 2019: Fighting the Fake News Invasion". Project Censored is an award-winning, independent journalism site that educates students and the public about the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government. The review of each year's stories is a rigorous, year-long process, involving dozens of researchers and international panel of 28 media experts; each story identified in this year's Top 25 list has undergone no fewer than five independent rounds of review, focused on the factual accuracy and trustworthiness of the story.

Associate Director and Co-editor of Project Censored, Andy Lee Roth, commented, "Each year we review roughly 300 candidate independent news stories; only the very best make it our annual Top 25 list of the most important but under-reported news stories." 

Media Arts instructor, Michelle Mahoney, instructed students to find, evaluate, and summarize an under-reported news story from an independent news organization that has gone largely unnoticed by major corporate media outlets. The goal of this assignment was two-fold: to show students they have a voice in the vast media landscape and to expose them to independent news organizations.

As the faculty evaluator, Michelle, edited and verified all sources before students submitted their stories. She said, “Media literacy is a vital skill in our ever-changing societal landscape. Consumers must be able to critically analyze content across platforms and assess the value of said material. Project Censored aims to highlight this need and help our students do the same.” 

The group's founder, Carl Jensen, established Project Censored in 1976. He worked as a reporter, an editor, and was in advertising before he became a college professor. "He used to tell his students, 'Journalism needs more muckrakers and fewer buck takers.' Project Censored aims to support a new generation of journalists who are alert to the shortcomings of the corporate press, committed to reporting in service of the public good, and oriented to how good journalism is a cornerstone of democracy," Roth added.

To learn more about this year’s important, but underreported stories, check out the complete listing of the Top 25 stories online, or order a copy of "Censored 2019: Fighting the Fake News Invasion directly from the Project". You can also find a copy of this in the CWI Library.

“I am so proud of our Communication and Media Arts students," Mahoney said. "They truly are amazing and talented individuals!” 

Congratulations, Ky and Zaynah!

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