Students Published by Award-Winning Independent Journalism Site

Published: April 6, 2018

Twelve students from the College of Western Idaho (CWI) were published this week on the award-winning, independent journalism site, Project Censored. They are students in Michelle Mahoney’s Introduction to Mass Media online class.

Students were instructed to find, evaluate, and summarize an under-reported news story from an independent news organization that has gone largely unnoticed by major corporate media outlets. The goal of this assignment was two-fold: to show students they have a voice in the vast media landscape and to expose them to independent news organizations. 

Students, Logan Adams, Molly Peterson, Payton Gibbs, Scott Keene, Tim Stanton, Zaynah Almaaita, Cody Wiggins, Courtney Hale, Devon Harris, Kevin Nielsen, John White, and Ky Tucker were selected for publication.  

“It is empowering for students to have a voice. I am so proud that our students have been published, but more than that, I hope they realize that their voice matters,” said Michelle Mahoney, Media Arts faculty at CWI. “We live in an unprecedented era and I firmly believe that solid journalism is a much needed and integral part of our democracy.”

Student articles: 

John W. White:  Welcoming the Decline of US Empire
Devon Harris:  Lakota Activists Fight Back Against Alcoholism
Cody Wiggins:  Civil Rights Groups Protest Passage of "Foreign Law" Bill by Idaho Legislature
Courtney Hale:  New Michigan Prison Mail Policy Disregards Inmates' Rights
Ky Tucker:  US Air Force Seek to Control 70 Percent of Nevada's Desert National Wildlife Refuge
Kevin Nielsen:  The Coalition of Immokalee Workers' "Proven Model" for Ending Sexual Harassment and Empowering Workers
Payton Gibbs:  Establishment Media Downplay Democrats' Farrakhan Scandal
Scott Keene:  Attacking All Masculinity is Not the Solution for #MeToo; It's Just Another Barrier
Logan Adams:  Ngcobo, South Africa, Police Station Assault
Molly Peterson:  News Publishers Seek to Challenge Google and Facebook's "Digital Duopoly"
Tim Stanton:  Widow of Wildlife Expert Not Allowed to Leave Iran
Zaynah Almaaita:  Big Pharma and Biostitutes:  Corporate Media Ignore Root Cause of Opioid Crisis

Project Censored was founded in 1976 by Dr. Carl Jensen at Sonoma State University and aims to educate students and the public about the importance of a free press for democratic self-government.  Their mission is to promote independent investigative journalism, media literacy, and critical thinking.

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