Speech and Debate Team Secures Victory at Steve Hunt Classic

Published: October 17, 2023

College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Speech and Debate team returned triumphant from the Steve Hunt Classic at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, on Oct. 14 and 15, after securing a tournament championship. This victory was a remarkable repeat performance for the CWI team, despite having only a two-week gap between the last tournament competition to make adjustments and enhance their pieces.

The Steve Hunt Classic at Lewis and Clark College is the inaugural designated tournament of the year, distinguishing itself as a significantly larger competition with a larger number of participating schools and formidable teams. The level of competitiveness at this event is nothing short of intense.

Speech events:

  • Novice Impromptu
    • First place – Orion Logan
  • Junior Impromptu
    • Sixth place – Will Guererro
  • After Dinner Speaking
    • Fourth place – Noelle White
  • Novice Informative
    • Fourth place – Trace Van Sickle
  • Novice Persuade
    • Sixth place – Asha Muhingi
  • Junior Extemporaneous
    • Sixth place – Kennedy Karr

Debate events:

  • Junior International Public Debate Association (IPDA) Division Debate
    • Quarterfinalist – Noelle White
    • Octofinalist winner – Alex Norris
  • Junior Speaker Points Division
    • Third place – Alex Norris
  • Novice IPDA Division Debate
    • Quarterfinalist – Josephine Beasley
    • Octofinalist – Orion Logan
    • Octofinalist winners – Jared Kartel and Kyle Morgan
  • Novice Speaker Points Division
    • Second place – Orion Logan
    • Third place – Asha Muhingi
  • Division III Debate Sweepstakes
    • First place – College of Western Idaho

Overall Sweepstakes

  • Division III
    • First place – College of Western Idaho

“I am beyond impressed with this team’s dedication and performance. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t compete in this arena how much work goes into getting ready for a competition, and it’s borderline impossible to explain what is required of the students to earn an award," said CWI Assistant Professor and Director of Forensics, Luke Yeates. "Community colleges are always fighting uphill against teams that have four years to work and hone their craft. For our team to be able to compete and even win against such talented competition speaks to their tenacity, intelligence, and drive. Every single member of this team deserves CWI’s respect.”

For those with questions, or in need of more information about CWI’s Speech and Debate team, contact Luke Yeates at lukeyeates@cwi.edu.

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