Special Board Meeting Highlights Facilities Planning

Published: October 18, 2019

Executive Vice President of Operations, Craig Brown, led the Real Property Work Session during a special board meeting for College of Western Idaho, on Tuesday, Oct. 15, at the Nampa Campus Micron Education Center.

The presentation highlighted the growth of the College over the past decade, and Brown used a timeline to illustrate the acquisition of facilities to help meet the needs of students.

“You’ve got to understand the past before you can predict the future,” Brown said following the presentation. “We really need to understand where we’re going from an instructional point of view, everything we do is how we teach. Whether we’re using technology or building buildings, it’s about our methodologies and where they are today, and probably more importantly, where they’re going to go in the future.”

Brown underscored the importance of having flexible facilities. “If you can think about future space from the standpoint as a stage set, based upon a production, you roll things in and roll things out, based upon what we are doing now – I think that is the future of space.”

The Board will use the information from the presentation to help inform future decisions regarding capital projects.

Access the digital presentation document

Watch a video of the work session

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