Second-Annual President’s Writing Awards Presented

Published: May 5, 2015

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) English Department is proud to present the recipients of its annual President’s Writing Awards. Thirteen students were honored for their work on Friday, May 1, with a presentation and remarks from CWI President Bert Glandon. This is the second year that Dr. Glandon has selected students to receive awards in the following five categories:

  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Critical Analysis
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Research Based

During the presentation, President Glandon shared with students, “the writing this time around was absolutely exceptional. You are prime examples of the quality of students coming out of CWI. You demonstrate what is right in education today.”

The annual awards were established to recognize and honor excellence in student writing at CWI.

The 2015 President’s Writing Award winners are:

Creative Nonfiction: first-person accounts that explore the writer’s experiences and observations.  

  • First Place - Sabine Hartmann (Faculty, Janene Thomas) 
  • Second Place - Alicia Mathia (Faculty, Abby Wolford) 
  • Third Place - Cassie Roundy (Faculty, Matt Moorman)

Critical Analysis: represents essays that critically evaluate or analyze a piece of literature, a theatrical performance, a work of visual art, a historical moment, a philosophical argument, a social movement, etc. 

  • First Place - Carley Baeta, “Love Poem” (Faculty, Leslie Jewkes) 
  • Second Place - Alicia Mathia, “The Awareness Crisis: Breast Cancer and Sexualization” (Faculty, Abby Wolford)  
  • Third Place - Gary Porter, “Education and the Good Human Being” (Faculty, Reggie Jayne)

Fiction: short stories limited to 20 pages. 

  • First Place - Jeff Boyd, “The Canyon” (Faculty, Dave Nicholas) 
  • Second Place - Chloe Tucker, “Red Hope” (Faculty, Dave Nicholas)


  • First Place - Casey Bosse, “Amoral World” (Faculty, Abby Wolford) 
  • Second Place - Salem Djembe, “Dementia” (Faculty, Leslie Jewkes) 
  • Third Place - Tanya Trofimuk, “Mother of Mine” (Faculty, Leslie Jewkes)

Research Based: feature a variety of topics, methodologies, and documentation styles specific to their disciplines including science, math, technology, English, Psychology, etc. 

  • First Place - Ty Styhl, “Irrigation Canals Represent a Bioenergetic Sink for Primary Consumers (Faculty, Steve Lysne)
  • Second Place - Chelsea Chambers, “The Effects of Alcohol on the Acceptability of Casual Sex” (Faculty, Heather Schoenherr 
  • Third Place - Lianne Collins, “Pirates Sail the High Fidelities: How File Sharing Affects the Music Industry” (Faculty, Joel Gladd)

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