Following His Dreams to Become a Healthcare Hero

Published: October 6, 2022

College of Western Idaho (CWI) student, Jackson Hagen, has his eyes set on becoming a Nurse Practitioner. To do so, he knows he needs to further his knowledge in the healthcare field.

That’s where practical nursing (PN) comes into play.

Hagen currently works as a Registered Nursing Assistant (RNA) at St. Luke’s Health System. Enrolling into a PN program was the logical decision for him because it acts as in-between for his current role and his dream career.

“I figured it is a way I could get my toes wet with being a nurse and see if it’s a field I can actually enjoy and see myself doing as a career,” Hagen said.

The choice to enroll in CWI’s PN program was an even easier decision.

“CWI is by far the most affordable school I know of. Even with its low cost, the education you get here is very good. In fact, a lot of professors I have had in the past taught the same curriculum at other institutions.”

Hagen is rarely bored these days, between studying and practicing his skills, there is not a shortage of activities for Hagen to work on. He knows it’s all part of fulfilling that dream of his.

“It’s all a progression toward the ultimate goal of graduation. It isn’t busy work, and I do enjoy myself. Working in the lab is great because you get a hands-on experience with the mannequins and simulations. It makes you feel like you are preparing for that situation to happen in real life.”

A highlight for Hagen along the way has been working with CWI’s PN program faculty. He feels they actually take the time to know their students, how they learn, and treat everyone with respect.

“Instructors, Joan Weddington and Melanie Gier, design the program in a way made for success, but also so you actually get to know the information and don’t just push you through. They are amazing teachers, and every single interaction with them is education centered and how to get better in the program.”

Hagen is constantly reassured this is the right path for him since being accepted into the PN program. Once he graduates from CWI, he hopes to enroll in Idaho State University’s RN program and obtain his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

With graduation only a couple months away, he attributes the College and the faculty for empowering him and get closer to fulfilling his dream.

“Because of CWI, I was able to advance my education on my own time and at an affordable cost. I always have people available to help guide me through this journey, and now I will be able to proudly say I got my education and career from CWI.”

Applications for CWI’s PN program are open now through Oct. 28, 2022.

The program requires a supplemental application process in addition to applying for admission to CWI.  Details on the application process and program requirements are available on the Practical Nursing program page.

For questions about applying to the Practical Nursing program, contact your Student Success Advisor or the Practical Nursing program.

Learn more about the Practical Nursing program and how to apply

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