Constantine Named Staff of the Month

Published: January 21, 2022

Congratulations to Juddson Constantine, College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Staff of the Month for December 2021. The College’s Audio Visual (AV) Project Manager, he is a familiar face to many at CWI and has been for the past seven years.

Constantine holds a bachelor’s degree in Virtual Technology and Design from University of Idaho.

“I began my college journey majoring in architecture, but found myself drawn more to the design software I was utilizing in my preliminary architecture courses,” said Constantine. “This inspired me to switch my studies to something that focused more broadly on design by integrating a multitude of software and mediums.”

After graduating from University of Idaho, Constantine worked in graphic design designing small ads for local high school sports calendars and did contract work for Hewlett Packard and Microsoft before beginning his career in the AV field.

“A small AV company allowed me to get my foot in the door and helped me build my skills and knowledge to the point where I became qualified enough to join CWI’s AV team.”

As the College’s AV Project Manager, Constantine is responsible for planning, designing, purchasing, installing, and maintaining CWI's classroom technologies, multimedia, and security camera infrastructure. He additionally provides support for live and virtual events for students, staff, and faculty.

“I have always been drawn to situations in which a need is identified and an outcome is suggested. The fun part for me is in figuring out all of the steps and processes needed to reach the desired outcome and coming up with unique solutions to deliver that. I get to do this every day at CWI. It’s a great place to be. The staff and faculty are sincere, passionate, and invested in what they do and how they enhance the student/work environment.”

One particular semester, Constantine was assigned to provide AV support for a series of Listening Tour events hosted by the College within the community.

“With minimal staff support and technology, we were just trying to figure it out along the way. The events had minimal attendance, and I don’t think the majority of the community even knew about CWI at the time. The development and growth of the College and our live productions since then has been amazing and is a testament to the quality of people who work here.”

"Judd is extremely in tune with what technology the College needs and how to make it as accessible as possible,” said Multimedia Tech, Adam Eichten. “He always looks ahead to plan for the best course of action, whether that’s long term installation projects that take years to plan, next semester’s technology upgrades, or even anticipating an instructor’s needs for the next day making sure they are accommodated without the instructor ever knowing he was there. We are lucky to have such a dedicated project manager, and I’m very excited to see how he’ll be able to integrate the latest and greatest AV into across campuses.”

“Judd is resourceful, innovative, and congenial. His excellent, high-quality work is vital to many departments at CWI,” added Dean of Health, Cathleen Currie. “He is a behind-the-scenes hero!”

Constantine grew up in Parma, Idaho, and has lived in Boise for the last 14 years. Outside of work, he enjoys watching and betting on sports, exploring nature and the outdoors, and checking out nightlife activities with friends. He is also an accomplished musician and can often be found playing his guitar and singing at various local gigs.  

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