Automotive and Collision Repair Take a Spin Into the Future at Tesla Service Center

Published: November 29, 2023

Students and Instructors from College of Western Idaho’s (CWI) Automotive Technology and Collision Repair Technology Programs shifted into high gear as they toured the Tesla Service Center in Boise on Nov. 16. This hands-on experience was more than just a joyride – it was a deep dive into the inner workings of Tesla and what types of automotive careers await students.

Students and Instructors toured through the service center, learning about Tesla’s unique corporate structure, hourly pay structure, and its direct-to-consumer business model. While sharing coffee and donuts, the Tesla Service leaders introduced the attendees to the shop where live maintenance and repair jobs were being performed. Tesla leaders then spoke about the shop environment, the electrical vehicle market, job opportunities, and the in-house training Tesla provides its technicians. Throughout this tour, students explored the exterior and interior of several different models of Tesla vehicles, interacting with different settings, modes, body modules, and comfort features.

Touring real-world industry settings allows students to take some time away from the regular classroom and lab learning environment and build connections with industry representatives while exposing them to new technologies and various working environments. This experience provided positive exposure to electric vehicles enhancing students’ excitement and readiness to learn.

“Students get to learn about different, unique career opportunities both in the industry and within the valley,” said Automotive Technology Instructor, Vaughn Hill. “As a result of the tour, those who attended will be more willing to pursue emerging opportunities in their career fields.”

These emerging technologies and exciting improvements allow the Automotive industry to become more automated. However, even with automation becoming more prevalent, Technicians are still highly valuable in the industry because they must be involved in the operation, diagnostics, and repair of all vehicles, electric or not.

The CWI Automotive Technology and Collision Repair Programs are committed to keeping students educated by industry standards and enhancing their employability after school. Due to this commitment, and the use of grant funds, the Department Chair of Transportation Technology, JohnD Thompson, has recently purchased three Tesla vehicles, two of which will be used by students for training purposes.

For those with questions or interested in learning more about Automotive Technology and Collision Repair Technology, please contact JohnD Thompson at

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