Alumni Help Shape the Future at CWI

Published: August 7, 2015

A core group of former students is helping shape the future of College of Western Idaho (CWI) alumni. Four graduates recently returned to CWI to give their input on what will be become the Alumni Connection. Some of the group’s recommendations have already been put into action.

Tyler Murphy (class of 2013), Shane Turner (‘15), Aleana Hernandez (’15), and Lisa Webb (’15) volunteered their time to participate in a focus group. The CWI Marketing and Advancement team invited them to share ideas on the best ways to embrace and engage alumni—now and in the future.

“We are committed to making sure alumni feel connected to CWI and that they stay connected to CWI,” Tiffany Coleman, the project manager for alumni and donor relations, said. “We felt alumni input was essential in making sure they get what they want—not what we think they want.”

The group offered insight on what alumni want to know, how they wish to be involved in campus events and activities, and the best ways to keep them in the communication loop. The first recommendation they made is to connect through social media. As a result, CWI has created a Facebook page dedicated to alumni news. Click the following link to join

In an effort to help alumni share their successes, which is another one of the group’s recommendations, the Marketing and Advancement team is working to further develop the alumni page on the CWI website. The page will ultimately link to a gallery of alumni photos and their success stories. The new feature will complement the existing alumni relations section; which already gives alumni the ability to check-in and submit information about new jobs, promotions, honors/awards received, additional college degrees, and any other professional achievements.

To further keep alumni in the communication loop, an online newsletter is being created that will be distributed four times a year.

“This is just the beginning of CWI’s efforts to embrace its 3,787 alumni,” Coleman said. “We recognize that alumni are an invaluable resource. They are the ones who complete the circle of knowledge. They can truly speak to the value CWI provides. They can also show it. We want all alumni to know we value their contributions to our community, and we want to share their successes. We want them to come back and we want to embrace them.”

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