Employee Email Signatures

Published: August 27, 2021

Employee email signatures displaying the College’s new brand are looking great! Please take time to review the following important tips related to best practice for email signatures. 

  • It is important to stay consistent with the template provided – this ensures the brand is accurately represented.
  • Standard signatures help validate authenticity of email, representing official institution communication. Two (2) logo options are now available for the graphic. 
  • Email is an official use of your College account and needs to follow policies in place for communications, use of email, and messages. 
  • Follow Brand Guidelines and refer to the guidelines when in question or uncertain on do's and don'ts. 

Below are a few frequently asked questions about the email signature template: 

  1. How does a standardized email signature help with security of an email?
    Branded signatures can assist in ensuring emails are safe and valid, especially to your regular contacts. Bad actors usually do not include your branded signature when spoofing email addresses, and your contacts should be able recognize the email did not actually come from you.'
  2. Do we have to use the graphic provided?
    No, the graphic is optional. Please note – an additional graphic of just the CWI logo has been added as an option. All available email signatures and instructions on how to add signatures to your account are available on myCWI.
  3. I don’t like the font. I want to use something different.
    This is a College email account and must align with CWI’s brand. Therefore, using the template provided with the fonts, sizes, colors, and layout is required. Changing any part of the signature template diminishes the legitimacy of our emails as people may confuse it as being spam or from an outside party. You can select a font for the body of your email.
  4. Instead of a logo or pictures, can I still put a quote at the bottom of my signature?
    As an official business account, individuals need to make sure their signatures are not tied to any personal beliefs, political interest (HR 250 - Policy), or any other statements and/or quotes. Please make sure these are not included in your signature.
  5. This template provided doesn’t match the background I use.
    Do not set a background in your emails. Having one is not part of the College’s template, and it will also cause external companies to block your account as it may be read as spam.
  6. The template provided is too long and takes up too much space. I like the version I’ve created with the same fonts, colors, and logo.
    This is a College account, and the template provided is the approved email signature for CWI communications. Shortening your replies with a condensed version of the template is okay, but do not modify the original, portrait version of your primary signature.
  7. The graphic is too big. Can I make it smaller?
    Remember, the graphic is optional, and an alternate option is available on myCWI with just the logo. Graphics are sized to maximize clarity of lettering and the artwork while still maintaining a small size that pairs well with the dimensions of CWI’s email signature block. Any rescaling of the graphic will alter the graphics quality, legibility, and effectiveness. Please keep the image in your signature at its current dimensions or remove. 

Included below is the original email releasing CWI’s current signature block and links to Resources on myCWI as well as some signature style examples that do not follow the guidelines listed above. We appreciate the creativity and excitement but ask everyone to update their signatures with the template provided. If you have questions not answered above, please reach out to Communications and Marketing at communications@cwi.edu

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