.edu Transition Planned Outages

Published: May 16, 2019

Phase two of the College of Western Idaho (CWI) transition to the new cwi.edu domain kicks off this Monday, May 20. Planned system outages impacting numerous college-wide systems will begin Monday morning. Please see below for a schedule of these outages.

Planned Outage Schedule

System:  Colleague and all associated systems

Monday, May 20

7:00 a.m. – Migration begins

As systems are transitioned, IT will contact the designated testers to test critical paths and report completion to IT.

12:10 p.m. – Planned return to normal function and campus wide notification of outage complete.

System:  Blackboard

Week of May 20 - 24

Due to Blackboard undergoing annual maintenance during the week of May 20 – 24, there will be no access to Blackboard during this time.

System: Active Directory

Week of May 20 - 24

Active Directory, used to verify access permissions for employees, will be updated when your new .edu email is activated. This may interrupt your access to systems that utilized Active Directory for verification, beginning Monday and possibly intermittently throughout the week. Solution Owners have provided a list of systems to IT, and IT has identified impacted systems and put plans in place to address the transition.

There will be parts of the transition that won’t go exactly as planned and that is where we need your help. As systems are transitioned and rolled out, if you identify something that isn’t working correctly, first alert your Solution Owner, they may request you submit a Help Desk ticket. In the ticket, include as much information as you can, including the system that is not working and what action is not working. Tickets will be prioritized based on organizational impact.

During this transition, IT will be communicating updates, in addition plan to visit cwi.edu/transition for status updates.

Curious about the changes with your email address? Visit cwi.edu/transition.

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