edu Transition

College of Western Idaho is transitioning to the .edu domain as part of receiving independent accreditation. This transition will impact multiple systems, email addresses, web addresses, and more. This page will provide information for users of CWI systems as the transition progresses.

Final Phase - March 21-29

During this time, users could see intermittent access to email and Office 365 products for students, faculty, and staff, so please plan accordingly. 

More information for Faculty & Staff

More information for Students - Coming Soon

Student Accounts Ending Dec. 20

Student's old accounts will be deleted, along with any information stored in them. Students need to review and move information they would like to keep before Dec. 20. Learn More

Transitioned Systems:

  • Monday, May 20, 7 a.m. to noon - Colleague (Student Accounts, Registration, and connected systems), Email
  • Blackboard is now available. The annual maintenance and transition were successfully completed.

The transition of our external website from to successfully launched in March and began phase 1 of the .edu transition, which also included upgrades to a number of systems.

The second phase of this transition has been launched and has successfully reached a milestone with the Colleague and email systems successfully transitioned. 

CWI Information Technologies (IT) department has been working diligently with solution owners and subject matter experts across the college to anticipate and identify systems and processes impacted by the .edu transition.

Final Phase March 21-29

Phase 3 Transition Complete

Students are completing the migration from the old accounts to the new accounts. The old accounts will be deleted Dec. 20. Students can get more information about the move on the Student Transition page.

Phase 2 Transition is a Success!

Thank you all for your patience as we progress through this awesome transition to a .edu! As a reminder this is Phase 2 of a multi-phased project. Communication addressing status and next steps will be distributed in a timely manner. Thank you again for your attention and cooperation.