Challenge Yourself this Spring!

Published: December 17, 2021

To kick off the 2020-2021 academic year, the Culture and Employee Engagement Committee (CEEC) introduced a series of Employee Wellness Challenges. These 21-day challenges were created to inspire College of Western Idaho employees to begin or continue healthy habits and support overall wellness.

Fast forward to today – the end of Fall 2021 semester. While the challenges are still in full swing, participation is dwindling. Whether you have never participated, used to participate, or are still participating, CEEC encourages all to take part!

“The Wellness Challenges have been great to have,” added Web and Technology Support Specialist, Ted Daniels. “It gives me the reminder that health is not just for a period of time, it’s something we need to work on all year. For me, health is about working a little at a time to achieve the end goal. Sometime we set our goals or expectations too high setting us up for failure. Just relax and take baby steps. For extra motivation, bring a friend with you on your journey!”

“The Wellness Challenges are helping me make healthier choices,” said Web Designer, Stacy Hardy. “I have yet to miss a challenge – besides last year when I forgot to submit my results!”

The next challenge begins Jan. 1! Find all the details on January’s Sugar-less Challenge, and view past challenge winners on the 21-Day Challenge site on myCWI.

January Sugar-less Challenge

Do you have suggestions for or questions about the challenges? CEEC would love to hear from you! Email them at

Sign up for January’s Sugar-less Challenge by Jan. 1

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