Transforming a Hobby into a Career

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 13, 2019

Hometown:  Placerville, California
Major:  Software Development
Graduation:  2019

“Because of CWI, I can provide for my family,” said 2019 graduate, Kyle Nielebeck.

Wanting to further his education, Kyle chose College of Western Idaho (CWI) not only because it was affordable, but for the opportunity to take classes when it was convenient for him.

“I was about to get married and needed to finish my education and work. Flexible class schedules allowed me to earn a degree and work toward my future simultaneously.”

In the fall of 2014, as a recent high school graduate, Kyle took his very first college class at CWI – Communication 101.

“My instructor was amazing at preparing us for what college was really like. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and dedication to teaching – especially at 7 a.m. – really made an impact on my college career.”

Also in the class was his wife, then girlfriend, Paige, who graduated from CWI’s Administrative Assistant program in 2017.

“It was nice being able to carpool to class and work on homework together! We had competitions on tests to see who could get a better score. She almost ALWAYS won!”

Kyle’s passion for programming, instilled at a young age, was the motivation behind his decision to study Software Development.

“At eight years old, I was creating websites for made-up companies. I realized that creating websites did not have to be just a hobby. I love the ability to take someone’s vision or passion and make it a reality in a unique way and to help them stand out.”

With a degree in hand, Kyle is empowered to support his family and begin working in the software and web development world.

“CWI’s Software Development program helped me land my first job in the field. The hands-on work environment there allowed me to show that I knew what I was doing rather than just talk about it. It gave me experience I can take with me throughout my career.”

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