Pursuing Something Better

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: June 20, 2019

Hometown:  Nampa, Idaho
Major:  Liberal Arts
Graduation:  2019

“College of Western Idaho (CWI) empowered me to pursue and obtain an education,” said 2019 graduate, Brendan Hansen, “—an education that will be a springboard into a future filled with learning and self-improvement.”

After graduating from high school, Brendan felt a lot of pressure from himself and those close to him to do something with his life.

“My family went through some rough patches with finances and employment. That, combined with golden opportunities for life experience, helped me realize I wanted something better.”

Unable to put forward a large amount of money to attend school, Brendan was grateful CWI was not only affordable, but provided him support through financial aid to help make his dream of an education possible. Once enrolled, physical and mental demands placed on him in and outside of school were overcome by relying on help from those around him, including his instructors.

“So many instructors made a huge impact on my life and learning. I love the student/teacher interactions I had at CWI. Every instructor I had was fantastic in so many ways – they were upbeat, had a lot of insight, were willing to indulge me in my questions, and always made time to talk with me after class.”

Brendan graduated this past May with an associate degree in Liberal Arts. He plans to transfer to Brigham Young University-Idaho to major in Horticulture or Computer Science.

“I hope to make a better future for both myself and the family I hope to have one day. CWI helped make that possible for me. For those just starting out, you can do it! I am proof of that. It is not always the big stories or trials that make getting an education difficult. It is the silent stories or untold troubles. Chin up, you got this!”

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