Making Dreams a Reality

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 16, 2019

Hometown: Big Bear Lake, California
Major: Psychology, Sociology
Graduation Year: 2019

“Because of CWI, my dreams are coming true,” said 2019 graduate, Heather Williams.

In 2010, feeling unhappy and stuck with no way out, Heather made the 1,400-mile trek from Iowa to Idaho to start a new life.

“I wanted to expand my education in order to do what I love – helping people, particularly children who may be struggling in life and need someone to be there to listen and be their advocate. I didn’t have that growing up.”

The beginning of Heather’s final semester at CWI was an extremely hectic, chaotic, and stressful time. Only needing to complete two more courses in order to graduate, her schedule did not align with the classes being offered. With the help of her advisor and Psychology instructor, she was able to construct and implement a plan for success.

“After a few conversations and proving how hard I had worked to get to that point, my instructor [and 2011 CWI graduate], Rhiannon Trull, allowed me to take her course remotely. It was a challenge, but through it all, I passed the course! Because she trusted in me, I will graduate both a Sociology and Psychology degree!”

This fall, Heather will transfer to Eastern Oregon University to continue studying Psychology. Her ultimate goals are to complete a master’s degree and fulfill her dream of becoming a child psychologist.  

“CWI empowered me to build confidence in myself and my work. At CWI, I felt important and not just another student in a chair. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help students be successful. I think everyone should attend CWI!”

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