Janelle R.

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 9, 2018

Hometown:  Nampa, Idaho
Major:  Biology
Anticipated Graduation:  May 2018
Because of CWI:  “I am confident in the career path I am pursuing.”

Janelle was first introduced to College of Western Idaho (CWI) as a junior. In high school, after learning about a chance to earn college credit through dual credits. She completed more than 25 college credits before graduation! The completion of dual credit courses provided Janelle reassurance she had the ability to succeed in college. A future visit to the CWI campus immediately made her feel at home. 

“I liked that there was an entire community invested in the success of Hispanic students. My sisters and I were raised by parents who did not seek higher education but were still able to provide a pleasant lifestyle. I think the main reason no one in my family continued pursuing higher education was due to the lack of resources or desire to continue,” she said. “CWI’s involvement in the Hispanic community, along with the resources they offer to Hispanic students, really helps promote this idea, and opportunity, of an education.”

As a student at CWI, Janelle took three science classes in one semester – all with an accompanying lab. Her class load was busy, difficult, and often overwhelming. Janelle said encouragement from instructors, like her Chemistry instructor, Julia Burdge, helped her stay motivated.

“Julia went above and beyond the lesson plan to make sure every student understood the material,” she said. “She genuinely cared about helping her students advance as scholars.”

Janelle plans to transfer to the University of Idaho to pursue bachelor’s degrees in Animal and Veterinary Science and Pre-Veterinary. Eventually, she wants to specialize in Small Animal Veterinary Medicine and go on to pursue her doctorate at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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