IDoTeach Students Engage in Teaching Opportunities

Published: April 14, 2017

This semester, students from the College of Western Idaho (CWI) are exploring what it takes to be a STEM teacher. These students are enrolled in IDoTeach courses here at CWI which are designed to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors to consider careers in teaching. Thanks to opportunities at Chapparal Elementary School, Eagle Middle School, Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Siena Elementary School, and Victory Middle School these students are gaining early exposure to the profession, informing their decision to continue pursuing the path to certification.

IDoTeach students in EDUC 101 and 102 are invited to not only observe exemplary teachers in local schools but also to design and teach two lessons of their own. These lessons are aligned with an inquiry-based instructional method devised by the University of Texas at Austin.

Spring 2017 Placements

  • Krystanja Glenn is mentored by Jerren Summers at Victory Middle School
  • Robert Herold is mentored by Bridget Woods at Eagle Middle School
  • Herutia Fannin and Angel Mora-Carrillo are mentored by Shannon Dunn at Chapparal Elementary School
  • Anna Heideman is mentored by Brieann Trueblood at Ronald Reagan Elementary School
  • Christina Hoefler is mentored by Heide Fry at Siena Elementary School
  • Garrett McPherson is mentored by Travis Ceniga at Chapparal Elementary School

The CWI Education Department would like to thank all of the mentor teachers and administrators who support these invaluable learning opportunities for pre-service teachers.

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