Idaho Freshwater Mollusk Project

Photo of Steve Lysne
Author: Steve Lysne
Published: October 10, 2014

The Idaho Freshwater Mollusk Project is an effort to research and understand the biology, distribution, and diversity of Idaho’s freshwater mollusks. There are approximately 120 species of freshwater mollusks in the state, 18 are non-native and possibly invasive. We accomplish Project goals by way of 1) acquiring locality records form a variety of sources, 2) analyzing the diversity and distribution of mollusks in the context of ecological factors, 3) conducting literature reviews on each family of freshwater mollusks in Idaho and preparing reports on those families, and 4) communicating the results of our data acquisition, analysis, and reporting to scientists, natural resource managers, and the public.

Importantly, the Project serves CWI’s students by providing authentic research experiences to prepare them for work or further training in the natural sciences. It is also important for the community by providing relatively uncommon scientific expertise to agencies, industry, and the public. Research opportunities are an important piece of the college experience for science majors and the Idaho Freshwater Mollusk Project is an important part of that experience.

The Project is coordinated by the College of Western Idaho Center for Invertebrate Science whose mission encompasses all invertebrate animals in Idaho. The Center enthusiastically collaborates with others from academia, government and the private sector. Students interested in research opportunities, or faculty interested in setting up a research opportunity for students within the Center, should contact Steven Lysne at or 208.562.3360.

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