Finished Degree Furthers Career

Photo of Jessica Argyle
Author: Jessica Argyle
Published: May 3, 2019

Hometown: Kuna, Idaho
Major: Biology, Biology-Natural Resources
Graduation: 2014, 2015

“I was able to get my job because I went back to college and finished my degrees,” said College of Western Idaho alumna, Karen Gregory.

More than a decade of time spent with Idaho Fish and Game as a volunteer allowed Karen an opportunity to truly identify where she wanted to focus her career aspirations. Over time, she realized one key element was missing – a college education.   

“One day, I sat down with a Conservation Officer. He told me I wouldn’t be hired if I didn’t finish my college degree. I enrolled at CWI the next week and started in the summer of 2011.”

Intended as merely a stepping stone to her education, attending CWI became a life-changing decision for Karen. Guidance from passionate instructors led her to gain an appreciation for different subjects and fields of work, join the Biology Club, get paid for doing research as part of the INBRE Summer Scholars program, and make life-long friends. 

“CWI has the greatest professors I have ever known! As I worked closely with them, I felt empowered to work hard and gained confidence in my skills.”

Graduating from CWI with two degrees – Biology and Biology-Natural Resources – Karen went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from American Public University. She is currently a graduate student at Oregon State University studying Fisheries and Wildlife Management. She now works for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game as a Fisheries Technician in Nampa.

“Without CWI, I would have never gone as far in my academic career as I have. Because of CWI, I am where I am today.”

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