Entrepreneurial Strategy Class Coming this Fall

Published: July 14, 2016

College of Western Idaho (CWI) is launching an Entrepreneurial Strategy class this fall. This is a hybrid course designed for students pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or anybody that aspires to turn ideas into reality. You will get the opportunity to meet successful local business owners and learn necessary skills to build a small business or high-growth startup. Some of these skills touch on operations, financing, and marketing.

The course will be instructed by Jeff Reynolds, a serial and entrepreneur and engagement director of Trailhead Boise. Trailhead Boise is a nonprofit startup hub where new business founders can find resources, explore new technologies, and build their ideas. Reynolds develops and executes entrepreneurial skills training programs and marketing communication for Trailhead Boise. His aim for this business is to create more and better companies in the Boise area by providing founders with substantial access to the inspiration and knowledge they need to succeed.

Reynolds is also president of Reynolds + Myers, a marketing and business consultancy business focused on marketing automation. This business helps marketers and IT managers make their job fun again by automating mundane tasks. This leaves room for creativity to flow where it matters most: strategic planning, content development, digital marketing, and app development. In addition, Jeff owns NetCamps, an online sports camp registration software company.

This fall, come take in the knowledge Reynolds has to offer, learn about core entrepreneurial skills, and practice what you have learned using real-world simulations.  For more information email Jeff at jeffreynolds@cwi.edu.

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